Ironman 70.3!!!

My Summer-of-Tri’s comes to a close with the grand finale being the Madison 70.3 Ironman. My goal was to do 4 triathlons this year but due to some construction, only got 3 and 2/3’s completed. The other triathlon distances I had completed before but Madison was, by far, the longest. It was loooonnnggg and grueling at times but I managed to muscle my way through it. The 55-mile bike took us through the WI countryside where there happens to be a lot of hills… those damn hills! Then for the run, the course snaked us through the beautiful University of Madison campus. All along the way there were a lot people that came out to cheer us on. It was a really cool experience and a really gratifying challenge… but time for some rest.

Swim 32:52:00
T1 4:13
Bike 3:01:29
T2 4:03
Run 2:32:59
Full Course 6:15:35

Chicago Triathlon 2021

After no races last year, it is really great to get in so many this year. This race was the last race before I do my first 1/2 Ironman in Madison. It was a bit hot but still a fun race. I did get a PR but not as much as I was hoping for. I guess that just means I’m going to have to do it again!

2021 2018 2016
Full Course


Naperville Triathlon 2021

Another successful triathlon in the books! This is now the 6th time I’ve done the Naperville Triathlon and it was fun as usual. All of my extra training this year paid off and I got a PR! Based on the year-over-year comparison, I’m getting older and still getting faster. The weather was ideal so that might have helped, the skies were clear and the temperature was cool. I would like to sit back and relax but can’t yet because next I have the Chicago Triathlon and then I have the big 70.3 Half-Ironman in Madison.

2021 2017 2015 2012 2010 2009
Overall Place 71 147 158 270 263 602
Age Group M 40-44 M 35-39 30-34 30-34 30-34 25-29
Group Place 11 26 25 44 35 48
Swim 5:51 5:25 7:02 7:40 6:58 6:18
Transition 1 2:35 2:44 3:12 2:57 2:34 3:29
Bike 35:29:00 37:10:00 39:33:00 38:09:00 38:58:00 46:52:00
Transition 2 1:23 1:21 1:21 2:02 1:32 1:54
Run 24:27:00 25:16:00 25:23:00 28:00:00 26:47:00 28:09:00
Total Time 1:09:43 1:11:54 1:16:28 1:18:47 1:16:47 1:26:41

Summer fun

Emery wrapped up her first softball season. Their age group was machine-pitch so the girls had to get used to hitting off of that contraption. She had a blast learning the game, hitting balls, and hanging with her friends.

On the way home from Emery’s game, Carter stopped and checked out his new middle school, Crone. A couple of weeks ago the school invited kids inside to check out a book but it doesn’t hurt to take it all in again before the big day.

I had my first race of the year at the Lake Zurich Triathlon. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago the organizers sent out an email and let us know the bike route was torn up. Apparently road construction got delayed so the roads were not ideal for bike riding. They changed it to an Aquathon (swim and run) instead of canceling the whole event. Even without the bike, it was still good to get out and get a feel for racing. It had been over a year and a half since my last race so I needed a little something to get me going.

Swim: 26:11.91
Run: 56:14.41


Chicago Triathlon 2018

I wrapped up my race season with the Chicago Triathlon. I didn’t get a PR but was super close, only 1:20 off. My Swim was super strong, I beat my past time by almost 2 minutes and got 8th in my age group. The other 2 legs of the race weren’t that strong but still did pretty good. Considering it was hot enough for the officials to shut down the race, I think I did pretty awesome. Here are my results.

Swim: 24:01
T1: 4:49
Bike: 1:12:17
T2: 2:21
Run: 57:56
Total: 2:41:21

Chicago Triathlon

I just completed another awesome race, the Chicago Triathlon. This was my 5th triahtlon race but the first time doing the olympic distance. It was one of the biggest races I’ve done at 9000 competitors strong. It was also the first time I had swam in Lake Michigan which was bit colder than I’m used to. The bike was on Lake Shore Drive and the run was on the Lake Shore trail which made for some awesome views. Although the views were great, I was sure glad to cross that finish line. I ended up getting 4th in the swim and 50th in the my age group.





Triathlon 2015

I completed my 4th Naperville Triathlon this weekend and I got my best time! It was only 13 seconds better but it makes me feel good that I’m 5 years older and still getting faster. I think my big edge this year was my own personal cheerleaders. Carter, Emery, and Julie came out to cheer me on and even made me signs. Go team Wassmer!

This race is always a ton fun, great for all types of racers and great for the spectators too. If you haven’t done a Tri before this is a great one to start with.

I put together all of my results into one table, here they are by year:

2015 2012 2010 2009
Overall Place 158 270 263 602
Age Group 30-34 30-34 30-34 25-29
Group Place 25 44 35/110 48
Swim 7:02 7:40 6:58 6:18
Transition 1 3:12 2:57 2:34 3:29
Bike 39:33 38:09 38:58 46:52
Transition 2 1:21 2:02 1:32 1:54
Run 25:23 28:00 26:47 28:09
Total Time 1:16:28 1:18:47 1:16:47 1:26:41






3rd Triathlon Completed

This weekend was an exciting one. My sister and family came up because I finally convinced Brent (Brother In-law) to do the Naperville Triathlon with me.

Saturday Brent and I picked up our packets and then the whole crew went to Carter’s school for their version of “The Last Fling”. It seems kind of crazy that we are already nearing the end of the summer, but I guess it had to come at sometime. This specific celebration was geared to the younger kids. There was a bunch of little games spread out across the parking lot and a large jumpy house in the corner. Food, popcorn and flavored ice topped off the morning of activities.

The big event for the weekend was the Triathlon Sunday morning. This was my 3rd one and Brent’s 1st one. As Julie and I talked Brent through all of the details of the race, we were constantly reminded of our first Triathlon 4 years ago. Julie and I were nervous for that first one, going through all the motions of the transitions and double, triple, quadruple checking all of our gear. Brent was super nervous too and went through all the same steps of anxiety. The nerves continued all the way up to the start of the race.

At the end of it all, Brent and I completed the race. We both had a good race and happy to now have it behind us. Sore muscles welcomed us the next day. 🙂

I wanted to get a better time than my last race, but I ended up doing 2 min worse. Here are my results:

Overall Place: 270
Age Group: M 30-34
Group Place: 44
Age: 32
Swim: 7:40
Transition 1: 2:57
Bike: 38:09
Transition 2: 2:02
Run: 28:00
Total Time: 01:18:47

Watch out ladies… sexy pictures below:

Triathlon is getting close

There was a lot of training going on this weekend for my upcoming Triathlon. This will be my 3rd Naperville Triathlon and hopefully not my last. I haven’t been doing much swimming this year but I have been running and biking quite a bit. I’m not going to be breaking any land speed records, I really just want to beat my times from 2 years ago. According to the 2010 race results here are my times:

Swim: 06:58
Transition: 02:34
Bike: 38:58
Transition: 01:32
Run: 26:47

That swim and transition was pretty bad so I think I can make up some minutes there. The bike and run times will be pretty hard to squeeze out some more time. It has been pretty hot lately which doesn’t help my running. I tend to get overheated when I run and slow down a tad. We’ll have to see!

Killed the Triathlon today!

The Triathlon was this morning and I killed my time from last year by 10 minutes! Last year I came in with a 1:26 and this year it was a 1:16. Super pumped about such a good performance this morning. I think it was my cheering section, Julie and Carter, that made me move so fast. Julie surprised me with a a large yellow sign that said “Go Daddy Go, Love Carter.” They were both there at the transition points and at the home stretch cheering me on! What a great family! Besides the almost flat tire, Carter puking, and root beer all over the floor… it was a pretty good day.

One Week Till The Naperville Triathlon!

I’m getting excited, only 7 more days! This will be my second attempt at the Naperville Triathlon and I’m trying to beat my 1:26:41 time I got last year. I’m feeling pretty good this year even with all the other things I’ve had going on. I was concerned that my new wiggle monster (baby) was going to destroy my training, but thanks to my loving wife it wasn’t affected as bad as I thought.

I wrote in my previous post about my splits and posted some pictures of the race last year.

This year’s plan:

  • I need to get further up in the queue to swim. This should help me avoid all the traffic I was swimming with last year and should drop 30 seconds off that split.
  • I’ve been doing a lot more training on the bike this year on an actual road bike. Last year I did the race with a mountain bike, so by switching to a road bike I should see a good drop in my bike time.
  • Finally, the run. Not really any new strategy here, I’m just going to try and stay alive. I’ll be putting a lot more calories in my diet this week to try and store up some energy for this final leg of the race.
  • Wish me luck!

    Ready for the Naperville Triathlon?!?

    It’s that time again, Naperville Triathlon time! Last year was the first time I attempted a triathlon and I ended up having a ton of fun. Julie and I trained hard that summer and ended up doing really well. Training this year is a little different, Julie is out of the picture since she has a kid in your belly. Even though she hasn’t been working out with me she has been very supportive. For a graduation present she bought me an awesome road bike. This will definitely help improve my bike time since I used my freaking mountain bike last year. The new bike alone should bring my time down, but hopefully my increased effort in running and my natural (like Micheal Phelps) ability in swimming will get my time down under 1:20.

    It all goes down on August 8, 2010 at 7:00 AM.

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