RIP Jaxon :(

Its a really sad time in the Wassmer household. Tuesday night Jaxon lost his battle with cancer. Its been a short 2 months since his surgery when we found out about the cancer. We knew it wasn’t going to be long but still could not have prepared for the finally day.

Tuesday (4-19) morning Jaxon had trouble walking and then when I came home that night he wouldn’t get out of his cage. The vet said that the signals from his brain were not getting to his legs probably because of the cancer near his spine.

The whole family has a huge void that will never be filled.

Jaxon isn’t doing good

This week Jaxon went under the knife to get a bad kidney removed. The diagnosis was that his dead kidney needed to be removed to keep him alive. The multiple vets all agreed this had to be done after seeing the xray and ultrasound. Monday we took Jaxon in for repair and ended up finding out he had a large mass causing the issues with his kidney. Later in the week we found out that his mass is a highly aggressive rare cancer that will shortly take over his organs.

The outlook is grim and his life expectancy is short. He always loved the tennis ball, so I think we might just shower him with more tennis balls then he can imagine.

Bones and treats everyday… We love you Jaxon!

Jaxon is 8 years old

Man, does time fly… Jaxon just turned 8 yesterday. In dog years, if my math is correct, 8 x 7 means he’s 56 human years old and he still has the energy of a toddler. He has so much energy his tail perpetually shakes. Most people can’t handle his obsessive and aggressive personallity, but we love him to death. I can’t believe we’ve had him for 8 years! He’s been around through 2 apartments, buying a new house, our wedding, his sister Ali, and now here to meet Carter. Just crazy everything that has happened to us in the last 8 years.

Jaxon and Ali Actually Leaving Carter Alone

It is amazing! Jaxon and Ali can actually keep themselves busy instead of stalking Carter. Usually The dogs are no further than 1 foot away and watching Carter like Julie watches for shoes… obsessed and relentless. As we move into our 6th week at home the dogs seem to be getting used to the daily routine of the baby. They have started to not stalk as much and as this video proves, they have started to once again play with each other.

Does Jaxon want to eat Carter?

When we first came home from the hospital I thought Jaxon would be like McGruff and “take a bite out of Carter.” Although that option isn’t completely off the table, I think Jaxon has some sort of a “big brother” type mentality now. Jaxon continually follows us around as we carry Carter and is no further than 2 feet away when we are feeding Carter. Is he concerned for the baby’s welfare or is he a stalker? Julie votes Jaxon is a stalker, I say he is just a Jack Russel Terrier. JRT’s are curious and persistent animals, that’s why we love and hate them.

Here is a video of Carter and Jaxon… and don’t worry, Carter still has all his limbs.

Julie @ Home Week 3 Video

As Julie descends further into mommy land, her videos are only becoming more riveting. This is her 3rd week being a mother and I think she’s doing a terrific job. She is handling the Baby Triathlon (eat, sleep, poop) like a pro! Hold on to your seats for this blockbuster of a movie that rivals the likes of Kindergarten Cop and Daddy Daycare. It features not only Carter, but Jaxon and Ali too.