Happy 4th

Happy 4th! Every year our neighborhood coordinates a parade for the kids. It’s a fun little route that goes through the neighborhood streets. The kids mostly ride their decorated bikes, but there is always some scooters and other rolling contraptions. Emery and Carter are old enough that they take off with their friends, while Julie and I are in hot pursuit. We finished off the super hot holiday in the most traditional way we could, by swimming at the pool and watching fireworks with friends.

Memorial Day Weekend

The weather was stellar this Memorial Day, so we spent most of the weekend outside. We accomplished cleaning up our yard and installing our mulch. The kids enjoyed helping spread the mulch this year. The pool in our neighborhood was open, but we thought the water could be a bit chilly, so we didn’t go. On Monday though, we all walked with Carter and his Cub Scout Pack in the Naperville Memorial Day Parade. It appeared that the entire city came out to watch, because the streets were packed! Everyone was as excited as we were to get outside and enjoy the day!

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We kicked off summer with a great four-day Memorial Day weekend. The weather was wonderful so of course we did some swimming at our Ashbury pool. And what would a Memorial Day weekend be without a parade? Surprisingly it was the first Naperville Memorial Day parade we’ve been to because usually we’re out of town. The weekend got wrapped up with a neighbor’s graduation party.




Happy Thanksgiving

Carter and I started the holiday weekend a day early and went to see The Good Dinosaur. Pixar’s latest creation wasn’t as good as their classics, but it still had a solid story. I’m sure it will make it into our library once it comes out on DVD.

Early the next morning Julie, some of our neighbors and I, all ran the Naperville Turkey Trot. This race has become one of our favorite traditions and we look forward to it each year. Our awesome matching socks gave me a boost, because I got a PR of 24:20!

Place Bib Athlete Name City State Age Gender Finish Time
1058 758 JULIE WASSMER NAPERVILLE 35 F 0:25:43

After the race, it was off to Uncle Jason and Aunt Anna’s house to pack in all the calories we just burned off. We enjoyed the 3 F’s: family, food, and football.

On black friday, like millions of other people, we celebrated capitalism by shopping a bit. Julie and I are not the “crazy” ones that wake up at 4:00 AM but we do try to venture out during normal hours and get some Christmas shopping done.

Sunday was all about the Christmas spirit! We set up the christmas trees, finished putting up the christmas lights outside, and built our gingerbread house. Our house is looking good and fully prepped for Santa. To wrap up the holiday weekend we went downtown to see the Naperville parade of lights which is always a specticle. Forget the floats, Carter and Emery just love getting the candy and of course, seeing Santa Claus himself!




Labor Day 2015

We had a nice low-key Labor Day weekend, and hung around town doing some of our favorite things. We spent Saturday morning at the farmers market and hit up the the Ashbury pool a couple of times before it closed for the season. We had neighborhood friends over for dinner and went to the Naperville Labor Day Parade. The kids enjoyed being spectators. The weather was hot, so it was a good way to put a wrap on a great summer!



Happy 4th!

We had a really fun and busy 4th of July weekend. This year solidified some new traditions for our family and we look forward to them each year.

Our newest tradition is going to the top of Four Lakes ski hill to watch the hot air balloons take off from the Eyes to the Skies festival. We packed a picnic dinner, set up our blankets and enjoyed seeing them take off one-by-one. After we ate, the kids and us ran up and down the hill and burned off some of our energy.

Saturday was the 2nd annual neighborhood 4th of July parade. This is where families decorate their bikes and scooters and meet at the clubhouse for a ride through the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, so we met some friends after and went to the pool. Later that evening, we hung out with neighbors and had some great laughs with them. The kids were in awe over the smoke bombs, and Carter had fun throwing poppers on the ground. Emery didn’t make it to the fireworks, so she stayed home with mom. Carter and I went to the Bolingbrook Fireworks show, we set up camp, ate our popcorn and waited for the fireworks to begin. As we sat and waited, the excitement of the day finally settled in and Carter became extremely tired – he wanted to go home. So, we went home and went to bed.

Finally, on Sunday we went on our first family bike ride where Carter and I rode our bikes, and Emery sat in the bike carrier behind Julie’s bike. It didn’t start out well with Emery, but she eventually got used to her new seat. Carter suggested we head to a nearby subdivision with hopes to see his friend from school at their park. We had a lot of fun at the park, and Carter and I were pretending like we were contestants on American Ninja Warrior. Needless to say, it was a long ride home, but fun was had by all. Carter enjoyed a sweet, cool, ice cream treat when we got home!





It was a great St Patty’s Weekend because the Zaerhinger’s came up. Carter loves hanging out with his three Cousins! I’m sure Emery does too but just can’t express it yet. We decided not to do the 5k run this year but did take all the kids to the Naperville St Patrick’s Day Parade. Each kid came home with no less than 1 ton of candy.

On Sunday, we went to the Sky Zone and did some major bouncing on some trampolines. If you never been here before, you must go! It was a blast for the kids but I also had a great time. Everyone was extremely tired after just an hour of jumping around.





Happy 4th of July

It couldn’t have been a better 4th of July weekend. The weather was amazing, there was a lot to do, and plenty of fireworks all around.

The weekend started with a parade! Our neighborhood put together an impromptu parade for all the children. So, Carter and 50 of his closest friends road their decorated vehicles down the bike path. Red white and blue was everywhere and spectators enjoyed watching the children.

Later that afternoon, we climbed to the top of the Four Lakes ski hill and watched the balloons lift off at eye of the skies.

In the evening, Emery stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa Stubler, while Julie, Carter, and I went to the the Fireworks in Bolingbrook. For the first time, Carter stayed awake through the entire show. To keep us busy before the show started, we brought homemade popcorn, a soccer ball, and Carter’s glow flag from Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer.

Oh, and while we were celebrating America’s birthday, we also celebrated Carter’s stuffed puppy’s, named Puppy, birthday. So, at dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to him. Carter also picked out a new lego set for him. Nice try, Carter! No birthday presents for puppy!






Happy Memorial Day

What a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! We did a lot around the house and spent much of the time hanging with our neighborhood friends.

To start, as if painting trim and rehanging blinds on our new windows wasn’t enough fun, I decided to start the weekend off like Paul Bunyan and chop down a tree down in our backyard. I used an ax, and while it was a great stress reducer, I was sure sore the next day. Next time I’ll probably just use a chain saw!

We went to a couple of graduation parties at the neighbors, and also hung out with friends on Sunday. To prepare for the party, Carter and mommy baked some healthy banana and chocolate cupcakes to take for all to share. The kids had a blast at the part, and the parents took turn on duty supervising them on the swing set! Everyone slept well that evening!

We also went to the Naperville Memorial Day Parade. We met up with Carter’s friend from school. It was a really hot day, so while mom and Emery hung in the shade, Carter and I tried to get a closer view toward the front. The disappointment was there was no candy thrown at this parade!

And to top off the weekend of fun, Emery ate her first oatmeal (video below)! At her four month check up the doctor told us to start practicing using the spoon! She seemed to enjoy it, although she didn’t really consume all that much!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Carter and I had a great day bonding Saturday morning, because we left the girls at home and went to the Napervile St Patrick’s Day Parade. The firetrucks, police cars, bands, and puppies were all great but the best thing for Carter was the HUGE bag of candy he went home with. It was so heavy he couldn’t even carry it!

Emery met a new friend Henry, who is Julie’s BFF Jenny’s new son. They came for a quick visit while we were at the parade. Hey, where is your green?




Labor Day 2012

Grandpa and Grandma Wassmer were supposed to come up this weekend but didn’t because Grandpa got sick. We were bummed because they weren’t up here, but happy because we aren’t sick now. That kind of changed the rest of the plans for the rest of the weekend.

Friday night it was off to Kiku Japanese Steakhouse for some food flinging. This Hibachi style restaurant was a ton of fun for the kids. The chef was very interactive and even flung some shrimp at us to catch in your mouth. Carter’s shrimp landed square in his eye. He was surprised but was soon ready for another chance to participate in the flying fun.

Saturday was shopping at the outlet mall for mommy, carter and I just tagged along. He is getting to the age where those little kid areas in the middle of the malls are pretty impactful. Carter climbed in and out of a bunch of those quarter driven moving rides. He seemed to have fun even though nothing ever moved, which saved me a few quarters 😉

Monday we went to the Naperville Labor Day Parade which was Carter’s very first parade. I can’t beleive it took this long to get him to one. He was heaven as the candy rained down on him from every float. He was mezmorized by all the people and loved the bands as they marched by. Each and every Police or Fireman triggered the finger point and for him to ask “uncle jase?”