Triathlon is getting close

There was a lot of training going on this weekend for my upcoming Triathlon. This will be my 3rd Naperville Triathlon and hopefully not my last. I haven’t been doing much swimming this year but I have been running and biking quite a bit. I’m not going to be breaking any land speed records, I really just want to beat my times from 2 years ago. According to the 2010 race results here are my times:

Swim: 06:58
Transition: 02:34
Bike: 38:58
Transition: 01:32
Run: 26:47

That swim and transition was pretty bad so I think I can make up some minutes there. The bike and run times will be pretty hard to squeeze out some more time. It has been pretty hot lately which doesn’t help my running. I tend to get overheated when I run and slow down a tad. We’ll have to see!

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