Halloween Prep

Friday we did Trunk or Treat at the Ashbury clubhouse.  Mom took Carter to a birthday party, so it was just Emery and I. The weather was much better than what it looks like it is going to be on Halloween. This might be the only trick or treat we get to do if it is too cold on the 31st.

Saturday was Emery’s final soccer game. It was another awesome season coaching the girls. It is great to see how much they are improving over the past seasons.

Happy Halloween

We had a Pikachu and Elsa running around the house this year for Halloween. Aside from the normal candy gathering events and parades, I got to go spend some time with Carter and help his 4 person team carve a pumpkin. My pumpkin carving skills are severely lacking, I cut the top in a perfect circle which caused it to constantly fall off… rookie mistake.



Happy Halloween

Julie and I snuck in a visit to both of the kid’s schools to see their Halloween parades. As you can see from the pictures below our little storm trooper and strawberry were very excited to see us. The weather was a bit nicer this year which made trick or treat much more enjoyable.



More fall fun

We held out as long as possible to rake our first big batch of leaves last weekend. The kids had a blast running, jumping, and playing in the leaves together.

We also went to trick-or-treat at Safety Town in Naperville. The weather was fabulous, so that meant the line was extra long. Thankfully, we saw our friendly neighbors and were able to sneak right in line with them! Thanks for holding us a spot! 😉 Emery was quite meticulous with her treats and had to make sure they went into her pumpkin, just right. When it was all said and done, we ran a few errands and the kids enjoyed a treat. Carter picked a tootsie roll, and Emery picked a sucker.





Ashbury Halloween Parade

It is official, the end of summer is here. We went to our last farmers market last weekend which closes out one of our summer traditions. Time to batten down the hatches and prep for a long cold Midwest winter.

Then it was off for fun at the Ashbury clubhouse with our neighborhood friends. There was a Halloween bash with a DJ, treats, a parade, and costume contest. Carter even got to make mommy into a mummy by wrapping her up in toilet paper.



Halloween 2013

On one of my 20 trips to Chick-fil-a last week, I happen to see a poster for Super Hero’s night. Low budget costumes, a giant cow, and fried chicken… count me in! O yeah, Carter had a blast too. He is still sleeping with his super cow stuffed animal he got that night.

Thursday, Carter’s school had a Halloween parade that Julie and I snuck out of work for. Unfortunately it was raining outside so we were all confined to the inside of his classroom. After the kids did a couple laps around the room they all sat down to do some fun games and crafts.

That night was Naperville Trick-or-treat so of course we were legally bound to collect the neighbors chocolatey goodness. It was more fun this year because Carter got into the halloween spirit a bit more than years past. He couldn’t wait to put on his costume and be Buzz Light Year… with wings. Matter a fact he was so excited when the neighbor friend came over that he went running through the house to get his costume. With an act of freak timing, I opened the door to the basement as he was bolting towards the kitchen and BOOM. Head first right into the door. His poor little head had a bump that swelled up to the size of a golf ball and almost split open. Thankfully after he calmed down we salvaged the night with a bag full of candy.

chickfila super hero



Carving Pumpkins

We finished our Halloween preparation by carving a pumpkin last weekend.   When we went to Kellers farmstand we each picked our own pumpkin with intentions to carve our own, but we have some very hungry squirrels in our yard!  Luckily, we still had one good pumpkin that the squirrels didn’t completely destroy. I can’t remember ever having pumpkins eaten by squirrels but this year almost all of our pumpkins have been eaten through. Sometimes I wish I had a good squirrel launcher.

Carter wasn’t too interested in touching the “guts” but had a good time helping mom scoop them out with a spoon. I think Julie might have had more fun than Carter getting all the guts out. I know I sure had fun drawing and cutting the Carter approved face out. He had a blast and was cracking up a majority of the time. This was a first for us that will surely become an annual tradition. Next year we’re just going to have to keep our pumpkins hidden from the squirrels!





Halloween Prep

It was a fairly busy last weekend. Friday there was a Halloween party at the Ashbury Clubhouse. It is pretty neat that our association does these events for the kids in the neighborhood. It is nice to see all the neighbors and let the kids do activities. They did a little parade for all the parents, there was dancing, crafts, and of course it wouldn’t be Halloween unless there was treats.

Grandpa and Grandma Wassmer came up Saturday morning and we went to trick-or-treat at Naperville Safety Town. This is a cool little town where kids can go to learn about various saftey topics. They set it up so we could walk around and get candy at each of the mini buildings. Nothing makes kids happier than a bucket full of candy and stickers.

Halloween is always fun for the kids. It also kicks off  the beginning of my weekly raking duties. I’m glad that Carter is at the age where he has fun cleaning leaves in the back yard. Grandpa and him went out and did some “raking” on the patio. I didn’t know this but a shovel works just as good as a rake.

Saturday night Julie and I went to a wedding with the rest of the Stubler clan. It was a nice wedding at the Two Brother’s Roundhouse in Aurora.





Happy Halloween

We had a blast this Halloween. Carter is at a good age to really enjoy going from house to house to get candy. Best of all he got to dress up like his uncle Jason!

Carter saw me watching him during his parade and made a swift re-route to come see me.

The cutest 2 guys I know!

Carter and his friend Charlotte stuffing their faces full of cupcake after the parade.

Halloween 2011

Halloween was pretty fun this year. This wasn’t Carter’s first Halloween, but last year didn’t really count because he was a blob in a stroller. We did a little pre-Halloween at my sister’s house, a “parade” around the parking lot at his school and then the standard Halloween in our neighborhood. This year he is a little bit more mobile than last and he was able to walk himself right up to the front door for candy. Surprisingly he even picked out his own candy and put it in his bag all by himself! The weather was tad cold so we only made it to about 6 houses which seemed like just the right amount for Carter. To top off the night Julie let Carter have a small bite of Kit-Kat… who would have guessed, he loves candy! Now Julie and I have to be candy-closet eaters otherwise Carter throws a fit and demands a piece.