Throwback with a Crazy Story

Crazy story… A random guy (who is probably reading this) reached out to me via Facebook and was asking me personal questions. So, I did what everyone should do and ignored the request. Then I received a random message through, and not knowing who it was I also ignored that one. Then I received an email from this same person stating they have pictures of my family. CREEPY! I thought for sure this was some stalker or at least was going to attempt to scam me out of some money somehow. Against Julie’s advice, I sent an email back and started conversing with this person.

Long story short, this guy found a book of our family pictures in Cancun while he was vacationing 10 years ago! Through social media and my website he finally matched up the names on the back of the pictures and our faces to pictures we have posted on the internet. After some texts back and forth to validate he actually had these pictures in his possession, I gave him an address to send the pictures to.

What would you do if you found pictures in a hotel room? Would you keep them for 10 years?

We believe my sister left them in Cancun 10 years ago when she was there for her honeymoon.

In any event, here is one of the pictures for Throwback Thursday!

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