Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off the holiday weekend by helping our Cub Scouts Pack put flags on fallen soldiers graves. There were a bunch of different groups that all did different sections of the graveyard. It was great to be out there celebrating all the contributions of our military.

Luckily we got some good patio time with friends before the big storm. On Memorial Day a huge stormed ripped through Ashbury. There were enormous amounts of rain, wind, and hail that left a huge mess. We have a destroyed roof, skylights, and some siding. I never thought I would have to shovel in June but I had to get it out to move all the debris and hail off of the driveway!

Let Spring Begin

You know it is spring time when the weekends start to fill with outdoor activities. Soccer started for both Emery and Carter so now we have games every weekend for the near future. Luckily we got a few games in before the freak April snowstorm that came through.

Soccer started which means Boy Scouts is wrapping up for the year. The last big even for the pack is the Rain Gutter Regatta. Carter’s boat didn’t sink so we’ll call it a win.

After this week Carter’s smile looks a bit different. Only a few more baby teeth to go!


Emery’s first soccer game

Emery had her first Soccer game last weekend and loved every minute of it. She had a blast playing with all her new friends and had a huge smile the entire game. Go Zebras!

Carter had his annual Boy Scout Raingutter Reggata. This year’s boat featured a sail filled with stickers and a two-tone paint job. Carter and I have decided that next year we’re going to drill some holes in the body and sneak a motor on it.

Memorial Day Weekend

The weather was stellar this Memorial Day, so we spent most of the weekend outside. We accomplished cleaning up our yard and installing our mulch. The kids enjoyed helping spread the mulch this year. The pool in our neighborhood was open, but we thought the water could be a bit chilly, so we didn’t go. On Monday though, we all walked with Carter and his Cub Scout Pack in the Naperville Memorial Day Parade. It appeared that the entire city came out to watch, because the streets were packed! Everyone was as excited as we were to get outside and enjoy the day!

First Haircut

Last weekend we had a couple big events. We finally decided it was time for Emery to get her very first haircut! It was well overdue and looks really cute, especially with her big girl earrings.

Carter had an end-of-the-year Boy Scout pack meeting where all of the kids move up to the next level. That means Carter is now a Wolf!

Blue and Gold

Carter had a Blue and Gold Banquet for his Cub Scout Pack. All the kids got together to celebrate of their achievements this year. Carter got a few patches to add to his growing collection.

Since I was out of town for work this week, we had to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early. Carter and Emery took Mom to paint her some pottery. They did a nice big flower pot to replace the one that broke this summer. This new model comes with some hand prints and a one-of-kind color scheme.