Davenport trip

Julie got the weekend to relax at home while I took the kids to Davenport to hang with the Wassmer family. It was the first the kids have been back since the great Wassmer migration. The weather was pretty nice so we gathered part of the Zaehringer clan and went tubing in the Mequoketa River. It was a nice relaxing leisurely float down the semi-green river.

Throughout the weekend Charly met 3 new friends and actually didn’t attack them! Ali didn’t do very well with other dogs so we’re glad to see our new child has good manners.

Before we headed home, Emery got to ride a horse! Charly’s breeder had a horse at Red Roof Stable and invited us over for a ride. Emery rode it around the pin a few times and used the new skills she picked up at horseback riding camp the week before.

Happy Bday Emery

Emery turned 9! One thing she really wanted this year was to get her hair colored. I wasn’t too eager because I was thinking it was going to be an obnoxious crazy full head of color. After much negotiation, Julie talked her into doing a peek-a-boo color fade that turned out pretty amazing.

Her passion these days is mostly gymnastics, she loves contorting her body into different shapes and flipping around the house. We are starting to get a good collection of gymnastics equipment in the basement to give her plenty of opportunities to make me cringe in pain. So it made sense that for her party we did it at the Forthill gym. Emery and her friends had a whole room to run around, jump, flip, and bounce.