Daddy Daughter Dance

Emery and I had some good times at the Daddy Daughter Dance last weekend. Last year was remote due to COVID but this year it was awesome because it was in-person. We went out to eat before with some friends, then headed to our clubhouse for some Fun games, photo ops, and of course dancing.

Happy Birthday Emery

Emery is now a whopping 7 years old! Even with the dreaded Covid, we still had a semi-outdoor party with a few friends to celebrate the occasion. The girls did some painting, pinata, cake, and wrapped up the party with some fun in the snow. After a super long 2020, it was nice to see Emery having fun with some of her buddies.

We obviously can’t have a large party with the entire family but we still luckily got to see the grandparents. Grandma/grandpa Wassmer made the long hike up from Davenport to hand-deliver some birthday goods. Grandpa and grandma Stubler are now just down the road so it was a quick trip for them to come over and say hi.

To wrap up the celebration we obviously opened presents and had an awesome meal. For the super-special family dinner, we ordered in some really good sushi from our favorite place downtown Naperville.

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Emery and I were supposed to have our very first Daddy-Daughter Dance this year!  It was sponsored by her Girl Scouts and was scheduled to be at school.  Since everything is closed up, the leaders made it a virtual experience.  Emery was super excited for the dance so she prepped all week. Julie helped her buy a new dress and get decorations to make the basement look great!

Before the party started, Chef Julie and Sous Chef Carter provided a wonderful 3-course meal (menu created by Emery) for us to enjoy, at our special table for two. We started with carrots, then had cheese pizza and chicken meatballs, followed by a healthy banana split.  After dinner was complete, a bunch of dads and their daughters all joined the virtual dance via Zoom.  The kids were allowed to put in special music requests, and all of the Patterson teachers joined the call as a surprise.  The teachers announced each song one by one!  We hooked the live video stream to the stereo and projector and got c-r-a-z-y.  Emery’s first dance was a success and she had the time of her life!


Emery participated in her very first school science fair last week. Julie has historically helped with Carter’s science projects so I got the honors of helping with Emery’s project this year. We dug into the age-old question, does candy float or sink? After finding out that Kitkat and 3 Musketeers floats we destroyed the evidence…. in our bellies. She did an awesome job with the whole thing!

Emery keeping busy

Emery has been keeping busy the past week. Besides having daily wrestling matches with her brother, she has also had a few play dates with friends. We also had to try out Emery’s new ice skates so so we went skating. As you can see below, Emery loves to be on the ice. She is still using the walker but getting much more comfortable and able to zoom around at a pretty good pace.

It was kind of a late Christmas present but I surprised Emery with a new closet system in her room. Her old hanger bar was too high so now she can pull down her clothes without getting a ladder out. Plus she now has a ton more shelves to fit all of the other stuff that was piling up on the floor.

Let Spring Begin

You know it is spring time when the weekends start to fill with outdoor activities. Soccer started for both Emery and Carter so now we have games every weekend for the near future. Luckily we got a few games in before the freak April snowstorm that came through.

Soccer started which means Boy Scouts is wrapping up for the year. The last big even for the pack is the Rain Gutter Regatta. Carter’s boat didn’t sink so we’ll call it a win.

After this week Carter’s smile looks a bit different. Only a few more baby teeth to go!


Pixie and Trixie Spend the Week with Emery

Pixie and Trixie Spend the Week with Emery

October 2018


Pixie and Trixie had a great time spending the week with Emery.

On Friday, Pixie and Trixie went out to dinner with Emery and her family.  They went out for pizza at Aurelio’s.  Pixie and Trixie like olives on their pizza, just like Emery.  What is your favorite pizza topping?

Emery’s family had to get some shopping done, so they went to Costco after dinner.  Pixie and Trixie helped fill the shopping cart with all the supplies they needed.  They got things like milk, cheese sticks and granola bars.



On Saturday morning, Emery had a soccer game, so of course, Pixie and Trixie came to watch.

Emery is a good soccer player.  She even scored a goal!  After the game, Pixie and Trixie got to line up with Emery and give the other team a high five!  Emery was in charge of bringing snacks for her friends, so Pixie and Trixie helped pass them out.

When it was time to go to school on Monday, Pixie and Trixie gave Emery a big hug and wished her a good day.

On Tuesday’s, Emery stays home and has “Mommy and Emery Day.”  On these days, they do special things together and have a lot of fun.  The day started off by Pixie and Trixie helping Emery make and EAT her breakfast.  They had dried bananas and oatmeal!

Emery did her homework for the week and painted a pretty picture.

The grand finale of their visit was going to watch Emery at ballet and tap class.  Pixie and Trixie loved watching her dance, and Emery loved having Pixie and Trixie visit.



Weekend Fun

Emery wrapped up her very first soccer season and she finished it in style by scoring her very first goal! She had a great time this year and learned a lot.

The Naperville Kite Fest is turning into an annual tradition for us. The weather was perfect for flying, so there was a ton of people there. We flew ours for a little bit, but ended up just hanging out on a blanket and watching all the crazy kites that were flying around.

Another annual activity we seem to be doing is the Cavalcade of Planes in Bolingbrook. It is fun to get close to a lot of different planes and as a bonus, Carter earned a credit toward his Summertime badge for Cub Scouts.

I did my first open water 1.2 mile swim at the Als Swim in Lake Zurich. I was worried the water was going to be too cold, but it ended up not being bad at all. Minus my small detour in the water, I had great time and was pleased with my time.

Emery’s first soccer game

Emery had her first Soccer game last weekend and loved every minute of it. She had a blast playing with all her new friends and had a huge smile the entire game. Go Zebras!

Carter had his annual Boy Scout Raingutter Reggata. This year’s boat featured a sail filled with stickers and a two-tone paint job. Carter and I have decided that next year we’re going to drill some holes in the body and sneak a motor on it.

American Girl

Emery, Julie, and Grandma Stubler had a super special day yesterday because they went downtown Chicago to visit the American Girl store! This was a present for Emery from Grandma for her fourth birthday. They were waiting until the weather got a little nicer, so they didn’t have to trek down to the city in a snowstorm!

Ariel Olive Wassmer is our newest family member and she looks just like Emery. Emery had the best day and loves her new doll.

Emery on the Ice

We finally got Emery on the ice and of course, she loved it. She was all smiles except for the few times she landed on her butt. Carter was great too! He made it around a bunch of times on his own, before he got tired and used the scooter. Thank goodness for those scooters, they really saved my back.