One Week Till The Naperville Triathlon!

I’m getting excited, only 7 more days! This will be my second attempt at the Naperville Triathlon and I’m trying to beat my 1:26:41 time I got last year. I’m feeling pretty good this year even with all the other things I’ve had going on. I was concerned that my new wiggle monster (baby) was going to destroy my training, but thanks to my loving wife it wasn’t affected as bad as I thought.

I wrote in my previous post about my splits and posted some pictures of the race last year.

This year’s plan:

  • I need to get further up in the queue to swim. This should help me avoid all the traffic I was swimming with last year and should drop 30 seconds off that split.
  • I’ve been doing a lot more training on the bike this year on an actual road bike. Last year I did the race with a mountain bike, so by switching to a road bike I should see a good drop in my bike time.
  • Finally, the run. Not really any new strategy here, I’m just going to try and stay alive. I’ll be putting a lot more calories in my diet this week to try and store up some energy for this final leg of the race.
  • Wish me luck!

    2 thoughts on “One Week Till The Naperville Triathlon!

    • August 1, 2010 at 12:15 pm

      love and luck! me and the wiggle monster will be cheering you on!

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