Hanging Out

Last weekend, Emery had an awesome play date with some friends from school. Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer also came up to hang out for a couple days. As a side benefit, Julie and I got to go out for nice dinner with our friends, Mike and Maria. It was so great to see them and catch up!

We also went and saw a huge train show. I was fascinated by all the different sizes of model changes out there. Below is a picture of Carter in front of a LG sized model change that was just HUGE.

Welcome Summer

You know it is truly summer time when the Naperville Farmers market finally opens up. We kicked off our weekly visit to the market this weekend. There is something for everyone, Mom and Emery get to buy fresh food while Carter and I enjoy the trains at the nearby station.

After the market we rushed home and then it was off to Kenny’s birthday party where Carter battled dragons and even found some dragon eggs. Kenny let us take an egg home! After closer inspection it turned out to just be a watermelon… good imagination Kenny!

Sunday funday started with a picnic in the car and then a visit to the Cavalcade of planes in Bolingbrook. We saw a lot of planes and even got really close to two old ones that took off right in front of us.





Trains, Planes, and Vegetables

It is that time of year again. The Naperville Farmers Market near the Metra Station is open and ready for business. We couldn’t wait to get back out there, Carter always gets a delicious scone and then gets to see a couple trains come through the station. It is pretty hard to top that!

That is, until you throw in some planes! This weekend was the Cavalcade of Planes at Clow International Airport in Bolingbrook. I’m not sure why this airport is called “international” because it is pretty small but what do I know? We didn’t end up going into the airport but we had a good view from the end of the runway. There was only 2 planes that took off and landed but that was enough. Carter was super excited that he got to see a hhhhhhhuuuuuuggggggeeeeeeeee plane.



I’m on a Train

It is hard to believe but Carter just road on his first Metra Train. The ride wasn’t very long, we only went a few stops towards Chicago, from Naperville toward Downers Grove. The short ride was to give Carter a good experience on the train and to have breakfast. As expect he loved both.


Later that weekend was the annual friend Christmas party. Carter had a blast playing with all the kids. Between all the toys and the bouncy house, he had a ton to keep him busy.  Thanks again to the Kings for hosting.


We saw Thomas!

This was a pretty busy weekend. Guys night friday night, Day out with Thomas Saturday morning and then hung out with some friends that night.

This past Saturday, we met Andy, Julie and Max Minteer at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois for a Day Out With Thomas! Carter and Max are less than 6 months apart in age and both very into trains. This was their day in paradise. From, riding on Thomas, to playing with and on old trains, to getting fake tattoos of Thomas and Friends, and having a picnic lunch…many laughs were shared and fun was had by all! The day was hot, so when we could find shade in the museum barns to cool off we did. Carter was zonked in the car on the way home within 2 minutes of pulling out of the parking lot. Assuming Carter is still into trains, we will be back next year!