Summer fun

Emery wrapped up her first softball season. Their age group was machine-pitch so the girls had to get used to hitting off of that contraption. She had a blast learning the game, hitting balls, and hanging with her friends.

On the way home from Emery’s game, Carter stopped and checked out his new middle school, Crone. A couple of weeks ago the school invited kids inside to check out a book but it doesn’t hurt to take it all in again before the big day.

I had my first race of the year at the Lake Zurich Triathlon. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago the organizers sent out an email and let us know the bike route was torn up. Apparently road construction got delayed so the roads were not ideal for bike riding. They changed it to an Aquathon (swim and run) instead of canceling the whole event. Even without the bike, it was still good to get out and get a feel for racing. It had been over a year and a half since my last race so I needed a little something to get me going.

Swim: 26:11.91
Run: 56:14.41


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