Kite Fest

Carter, Emery, and I joined the Cub Scouts and went to the Naperville Kite Fest. The weather couldn’t have been better and, as usual, there were a bunch of people out there flying all sorts of crazy kites. Emery’s Spiderman kite didn’t hold up very well but Carter’s did great.

On Sunday I did a 1.2 mile swim in Lake Zurich.  The water was 70 degrees which was perfect for a long swim. I got to try out my new wetsuit and crushed my last year’s time.


Level Up

Carter’s school put together an assembly for veterans so we invited Grandpa Wassmer to come up and join in on the fun. There were a lot of good speeches by service members from all the different branches about what they did for this country. It was a good reminder of all the different type of people that it takes to protect this country.

At swimming on Sunday Carter did so well that they moved up to the next level. He is really starting to get those strokes down. Carter earned the medal but Emery was lucky enough to score one too so it turned out to be a special day for everybody.



Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We kicked off summer with a great four-day Memorial Day weekend. The weather was wonderful so of course we did some swimming at our Ashbury pool. And what would a Memorial Day weekend be without a parade? Surprisingly it was the first Naperville Memorial Day parade we’ve been to because usually we’re out of town. The weekend got wrapped up with a neighbor’s graduation party.




Fun with cousins

It was party time last weekend because ‘The Cousins’ (as referred to by Carter) came up. Carter had so much fun with them, that by the end of the weekend, he was extremely tired!

We started our morning with T-ball, and then eagerly waited for the arrival of the Zaehringer’s. We spent the afternoon at our community clubhouse to get some swimming in. Braxton and Julie took Carter to swim lessons on Sunday Morning. Uncle Brent and I took the kids to Planes 2 while Julie and Lisa hung at home with Emery!




The Shallow End

With the nice weather upon us we decided to break out Carter’s swimming pool. He loves to splash around outside as much as does in the tub. With his full scuba gear on, he was well protected from the sun. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer for hooking us up with fun little pool. Who knows, he might grow up to be a swimmer just like his dad.

Carter Phelps swam for the first time

Carter didn’t win any Olympics golds, but he did win a “1st time in the water” badge. This weekend Lisa (my sister) and family came up to hang out. We didn’t do much, just chilled at the house all day Saturday and then went to their hotel to swim that night. This was the first time Carter has been in the pool, so of course it was very exciting for Julie and I. I think I hold a special place in my heart for the pool since I spent 10 years of my life swimming competitively. I’m not going to force Carter to swim, but wouldn’t that be nice ;-).

And here’s a video: