Christmas Programs

A couple weekends ago, Carter and I slept downtown at the Museum Science of Industry for their annual Snoozeum. We explored the entire place all night.

It was a busy Saturday… my family came up to finish their Christmas shopping, Carter had basketball, Emery had a school program, and her very first dance recital. We wrapped up the day with dinner with my sisters.

A Super Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer came up Thursday night so they could go with Carter to the Dupage Childrens Museum Friday. It isn’t often you get to skip school and go have fun… not until high school at least. Not surprising the trains were a big hit. The classic wooden trains and the motorized one kept him busy for quite some time.

Saturday Carter and the Grandparents hung out while Julie and I got some shopping done. Nothing like a full day at the outlet mall to relax the mind and empty the wallet. That night Julie and I went to a little Asian restaurant downtown Naperville called Kuma. I was a little skeptical since I have never heard of the place but it ended up being a pretty nice place. I had a spicy chicken dish that was excellent.

Sunday, of course, was the Super Bowl. Our neighbors had a little party so it was off to their house for a night of good food and fun. We didn’t have any 49ers or Ravens gear so the Wassmers were all decked out in Bears gear. Speaking of the Bears, I hope the new coach can get us to the playoffs next year.





Another Busy Weekend

Grandpa and Grandma finally made it up and got to spend some time with Carter this weekend. The last attempt for a visited was disrupted by the flu, so this visit was a long time coming. Early Saturday Carter and my parents went to the Dupage Children’s Museum while Julie and I shopped downtown Naperville. Carter had a blast at the museum. He was so tired he almost fell asleep before we left the parking lot.

Sunday, Julie’s and I did the Plainfield Harvest 5k which is a run that her work, Edward Hospital, sponsors. I took an early lead but was completely wore out after 2 miles. Julie had a tad more in the gas tank and almost caught up to me. I ended up getting a 25:01 and Julie had a 25:15. The official results are here:

Not Too Old to Visit the Children’s Museum

WOW, another year of my life just flew by. As I look through all my posts over the past year it is amazing how things have changed. I’ve been in my new job for just under a year and we have done so many fun things Carter.

This weekend continued the fun with Carter and multiplied it by 2 sets of grand parents. On Friday Julie’s parents came up for dinner and to test drive a new car. On their way out of town they tagged my parents, like a sweaty WWE wrestler, to let them in for the rest of the weekend. It was good hanging out with my family all weekend.

On Saturday we went to the Dupage Children’s Museum, which was a blast. The exhibits were good for adults and kids. Things to build, water to play in, tunnels to crawl through, gears to crank, air to shoot, and lights to play with. Pretty much the holy grail for a kid and a long day for any parent. After a couple hours the adults were beat and Carter was still bouncing around like a maniac.