Emery Week 1

We made it through our first week with our new bundle of joy. Little Emery is amazing and we are so thankful for every day we spend with her. After about 10 days it feels like we are starting to get back into the swing of things. Everyone in the family is getting close to a new “normal” routine.

The first night at home after escaping the hospital was pretty rough, it felt like Emery was up every hour. Every night since then has gotten gradually better and now we are only waking up twice a night. Although sleep doesn’t really matter because when you go in there and get to snuggle with her you don’t really mind.

Carter loves to be a big helper during the day. He has been doing great at getting diapers and wipes for us. He doesn’t always show his affection but Emery has gotten a few kisses from him.

For all of you who wish to send Emery a note you can do so using her new email address! Just like big brother Carter (carter.wassmer@gmail.com), you can email her at emery.wassmer@gmail.com.

Here are some pictures we have from the week:








Is the baby here yet?

Nope. Everyone is excited and we are all anxiously still waiting for the baby. Everything is ready and has been ready for quite some time so this wait is like watching paint dry. No one is as ready as Julie. The normal aches and pains of the last month are setting in and making for restless nights. Putting on shoes and socks is becoming extremely annoying. Carter and I are trying to help with regular massages and helping with chores.


Happy Thanksgiving

We had a really nice Thanksgiving weekend.  We started the weekend by walking the Naperville Lions Turkey Trot.  We’ve made this an annual tradition for the past few years.  Typically we run, but this year we took it a little slower!  After the race we stopped at Starbucks, where Carter was able to enjoy his first drink – a kids hot chocolate!  He loved it!

Then, like most of America, we spent time with family. We went to Julie’s brother’s house for a great Thanksgiving meal and hung out with the Stubler/Pyszka side of the family.  We also decorated our Christmas tree and hung lights outside of the house.  Sam the Elf made his debut in a bowl of marshmallows.  He was “taking a bath,” and Carter sure thought it was funny! 

It is hard to believe that by the next Thanksgiving we will have another addition to the family.  By then, she will be almost 1 year old and close to taking her first steps.  Speaking of the baby, we took some time this weekend to put some more finishing touches on the room and started getting all of the clothes organized. As you can see from the picture below the room is turning out to be pretty, pink, and adorable.

We wrapped up the weekend with “bluiding” (Carter speak) a gingerbread house and hanging out with some friends from Carter’s school.  After our weekly swim lesson at Bear Paddle, Carter had an awesome play date with his 2 best friends, Kenny and Charlotte.  They tore through our house like a tornado leaving a trail of toys everywhere. Carter was so excited and proud to show his buddies all of his toys, his room, and the basement.  He picked out a special box of macaroni and cheese for each of them and wrote each of their names on separate boxes.  Yes, we had a lot of macaroni and cheese to eat after we finished Thanksgiving leftovers.

We wrapped up the weekend with the Naperville Lighted Parade.  The weather wasn’t too cold, and Carter scored a sucker and some glow necklaces.  He collected many of them and asked us to save the small ones for his baby sister.  We are fortunate to live in a great city that has so many activities for family’s to do.  Thanksgiving 2013 was a great success!




photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



Still No Baby

Still no baby! The anticipation is paralyzing, Julie and I just sat around all weekend staring at each other. This morning I decided to look up some stats on how actual birth date relates to predicted birth date. Not surprising, most births happen on week 40 to 41. We’re only on week 40 so statistically we should have the baby this week. Surprisingly the curve is pretty symmetrically. You have 20% chance of having the baby in week 39 and in week 41.

I guess we were just too wrapped up in the due date and should have looked at the statistics more closely.

Before 37 weeks: 4%
37 weeks: 5%
38-39 weeks: 10%
39-40 weeks: 20%
40-41 weeks: 35%
41-42 weeks: 20%
Over 42 weeks: 10%
Calculating Due Dates

More Baby Room Progress

We have pretty much everything setup and ready for the baby. We finally got all the linens for the crib, put some decorations out, and prepped the diaper changing rig. I’m kind of bias, but I think this kid has a pretty nice pad! I don’t want to take all the credit for picking out all this good stuff, Julie did have somewhat of a say in it. Actually she did the picking and I mostly just agreed.

If you are having a hard time visualizing the entire room, here is a video I took.