Fun Packed Weekend

Each year The Goddard School closes a couple of times for faculty development day. We usually take those days off and have a long family fun weekend doing things in and around Chicago. I think we packed everything there was left to do on our summer bucket list, into one weekend!

We started by visiting Chicago. It was Emery’s first trip in the city. We went to Water Tower Place, did some shopping on Michigan Ave., and had a nice lunch at The Lux Cafe. We visited the Lego store, and Emery seemed in awe of all the people and sites to see.

While downtown Carter asked about the Laurie Children’s Hospital. Julie and I explained what the hospital was for and the kinds of patients the hospital treats.

Fast forward to Carter’s first lemonade stand…We’d been talking about having one for weeks. Carter decided he wanted to donate the proceeds from his lemonade stand to help the kids at the hospital. We are so proud of him for making that decision. The lemonade stand was a hit with the neighbors for the 34 minutes that it lasted, until a storm popped up out of no where. In that short amount of time, he raised over $30.

Then, on Saturday we went to the Brookfield Zoo. This was Emery’s second “first” for the weekend, as she had never been. She absolutely loves animals so we knew she would love the zoo, too. It was a hot day, so we had to cool off with some ice cream at the playground at the zoo.

We finished the weekend with our usually Sunday chores and a trip to the Ashbury fun fest at the pool. This is annual event, where they had a bouncy house, dunk tank, and DJ with fun prizes. Emery loves the water, and Carter is really doing great swimming on his own and holding his breath!






We didn’t buy a zoo, we went to one

Carter’s school was closed on Friday for faculty development, so we all took the day off and went to Brookfield Zoo. We actually contemplated going to the see if we could catch the practice runs for the Air and Water Show downtown Chicago. Once again the weather was unbelievably awesome and it was a perfect day to visit the animals. Carter loved each and every exhibit especially the giraffes and bears. We packed our lunch and Carter also enjoyed fun on the playground before we ate. By the time we left the zoo, Mom needed to stop for a coffee at Starbucks and Carter was sleeping before we got on the interstate. Fun was had by all!

Day at the Zoo

Last Sunday the Wassmer clan visited the Brookfield Zoo. This is a pretty big zoo and has always been fun to visit. It was even more fun to have Carter there. He loved each and every animal and kept saying “more, more, more” after every exhibit. The place was so big that we only made it around half the park before we had to leave. Before we left we made a stop at the Hamill Family Play Zoo because Carter’s school, Goddard, was doing some activities for the kids. Carter got his hand painted and got to plant some sort of plant that will eventually feed the animals. I can’t wait to go back!

Pictures below:

Carter at the Zoo

We had a busy labor day weekend this year. Now that Carter is more mobile we had him all over the place. We started the weekend off with our old neighbors from Bolingbrook coming over on Friday. It was good to chat about the old neighborhood and enjoy some pizza and drinks.

Saturday we met up with some friends and went to Phillips Park Zoo, a really small zoo in Aurora, IL. Carter didn’t care about the size, he was just excited to be walking around checking out the animals. The best part about the park wasn’t the zoo it was the playground. Unlike the zoo the playground was huge! It had about 6 different play sets with all sorts of climbing and sliding for all the little monkeys.

Sunday and Monday flew by with not really any major activities. We went shopping for winter clothes, shopped for house decorations, finished some yard work, and played outside in the wonderful weather. Carter really likes swinging on the neighbors swing set and the weather was prime to do it a lot.

Here are some pics from the zoo and park: