Ready for Summer

It’s nearing the end of the school year and we’re heading into summer. Carter is wrapping up his final year at Patterson and celebrated with the traditional 5th-grade Sock Hop. I tried convincing him that he looks good in a leather jacket but I don’t think we’ll be seeing it again anytime soon.

It was a big soccer weekend for us. This weekend Carter’s soccer team, Team Chicago, played in a tournament in Woodridge and won the whole thing! There were a few nail-biter games but ended up dominating the final game. Emery wrapped up her spring season of soccer which marks the end of her recreational play. As usual, I had a blast coaching them all and seeing everyone grow throughout the season. Next season she is going to more of a club environment where it gets a bit more competitive and she’s super pumped.

Halloween Prep

Friday we did Trunk or Treat at the Ashbury clubhouse.  Mom took Carter to a birthday party, so it was just Emery and I. The weather was much better than what it looks like it is going to be on Halloween. This might be the only trick or treat we get to do if it is too cold on the 31st.

Saturday was Emery’s final soccer game. It was another awesome season coaching the girls. It is great to see how much they are improving over the past seasons.

Let Spring Begin

You know it is spring time when the weekends start to fill with outdoor activities. Soccer started for both Emery and Carter so now we have games every weekend for the near future. Luckily we got a few games in before the freak April snowstorm that came through.

Soccer started which means Boy Scouts is wrapping up for the year. The last big even for the pack is the Rain Gutter Regatta. Carter’s boat didn’t sink so we’ll call it a win.

After this week Carter’s smile looks a bit different. Only a few more baby teeth to go!


Soccer Weekend

Carter, Emery, and I did a test run of our costumes at the trunk or treat at our club house. We didn’t stay long, just enough time to grab a little candy and say hi to friends. Julie wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home and missed all the fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent on soccer. Carter had 2 soccer games and then on Sunday Carter and I went to a chicago Fire soccer game. It was our very first professional soccer game and we had a great time.


Weekend Fun

Emery wrapped up her very first soccer season and she finished it in style by scoring her very first goal! She had a great time this year and learned a lot.

The Naperville Kite Fest is turning into an annual tradition for us. The weather was perfect for flying, so there was a ton of people there. We flew ours for a little bit, but ended up just hanging out on a blanket and watching all the crazy kites that were flying around.

Another annual activity we seem to be doing is the Cavalcade of Planes in Bolingbrook. It is fun to get close to a lot of different planes and as a bonus, Carter earned a credit toward his Summertime badge for Cub Scouts.

I did my first open water 1.2 mile swim at the Als Swim in Lake Zurich. I was worried the water was going to be too cold, but it ended up not being bad at all. Minus my small detour in the water, I had great time and was pleased with my time.

Memorial Day Weekend

It was hot 3-day Memorial weekend so of course, we went to the pool. Most of the neighborhood had the same idea so it was pretty packed.

Carter had his last soccer game Saturday morning and the team finished with an undefeated season! It was an awesome season but kind of sad because it is the last time I’ll be coaching Carter. He is off to bigger and better teams so now I get to coach my little princess next season.

Sunday night the four of us went to the Kane County Cougars game. We almost decided to skip it because of the heat but we got lucky and it actually wasn’t that bad. We were in the shade so as long as you didn’t move, the heat was manageable.

We were also going to walk with Carter’s cub scout pack in the Naperville Memorial day parade but it got canceled due to the heat. I’m pretty confident we would have been fine but I can’t imagine being in a marching band in the heat.

Emery’s first soccer game

Emery had her first Soccer game last weekend and loved every minute of it. She had a blast playing with all her new friends and had a huge smile the entire game. Go Zebras!

Carter had his annual Boy Scout Raingutter Reggata. This year’s boat featured a sail filled with stickers and a two-tone paint job. Carter and I have decided that next year we’re going to drill some holes in the body and sneak a motor on it.


It was a little early in the month but we had a nice annual birthday dinner with the Stubler’s to celebrate Grandpa Stubler and me getting older.

Saturday, started off in the best way with Carter scoring his very first game gooooaaallll in soccer. I’m so proud of the kid, he has really been working his butt off so it was great to see it finally pay off.

There was a little game (the Super Bowl) that helped us wrap up the weekend. Unfortunately, our party got canceled, but made our own party at home and had a blast watching it as a family on the big screen.

The weekend…

I am watching the Blackhawks Playoff games and catching up on posts…

The weekend before our vacation we had a few visitors. Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer came up for the night, and went to one of Carter’s soccer games. Grandma and Grandpa Stubler had tried to come up with weekend prior to this, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the game was rained out. That evening, Julie and I got out of the house and went on a date to Cooper’s Hawk.

That Sunday, Carter was introduced to the game of Tennis and had his first lesson through the park district. He really enjoyed the sport and seemed like a natural when he was volleying the ball back and forth!

Emery is such a smart little cookie. Her comprehension skills are impressive and she really seems to know what is going on! When we pick her up at school, she runs for her jacket/book bag. When its time to leave the house, she eagerly tries to put her own shoes on. Also, she loves music. I predict she will be a dancer and follow in her moms footsteps! Every time music turns on, she can’t help but get her groove on!!

date night