New Kitchen and Basement

Our house is feeling brand new this week. We had the cabinets redone and finally put the wraps on the basement. It is amazing what a little trim and new cabinet doors can do to a kitchen. It really looks like they are all brand new.

In the basement the final laminate floor pieces were put in and the carpet was installed. I still need to add some quarter round and secure the base boards in a few places, but to me this is done. Now and forevermore our attention is on the weather. Our hopes are high that we are not going to get massive amounts of rain so we can avoid another flood.

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Basement Part Deux

Project “Finish Basement” is now in full swing to try and get it completed before our new family member arrives. It is hard to put things back together after a flood because you are always thinking about when it will happen again. I guess all you can do is get insurance and make sure your sump pump is working.

The walls have been spackled and painted, carpet ordered, laminate floor is in the house, and the trim partially painted. We’re getting the carpet installed but I’m doing the laminate floor and trim myself. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

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The great flood of 2013

What a week last week. Mother nature just opened up the spigot and dumped a lot of water on us. My rain gauge read 8″ but I bet it was at least double that. Thursday morning you couldn’t even get out of our neighborhood because all the roads were flooded over. I know because at 4:00 AM our sump pump went out and I had to run to the local lowes to buy a new one. It was me and a hundred of my closest friends lined up to buy all the sump pumps that lowes had in stock. Luckily I got the last one and then rushed back home to install it.

By then it was too late, we already had about an 1″ of water in the basement. It ruined all of the new flooring we laid just 3 weeks earlier. Luckily none of the stuff was ruined and we ended up just losing the floors. The next day I shed a tear or two as we ripped all the floors out and put it out for the garbage man. Now we wait as the 8 fans and 2 dehumidifiers try to suck the dampness out.




Basement Phase 2

We are now in “Basement Phase II.” The last phase included getting the drop ceiling down and drywall patched. In this phase we painted the walls. The next step is to get the crown molding up and replace the flooring.

So far so good… Julie’s mom came up today and helped me get the walls mostly covered. We only have another coat on the interior wall. Speaking of the interior wall, thankfully I made the suggestion to make it a different color than the exterior. The two tone basement looks really good.