Easter 2020

The craziness continues and is making another yearly event completely different than past years. Typically, we go to the grandparent’s houses on Easter but this year we are stuck at home like the rest of the world. Luckily we are not in a very densely populated area, so we can still leave our house for walks and not come in too close of contact with anyone.

The weather was good, so we got out of the house and got to see the Easter Bunny! He made an appearance in a little parade that went around the entire neighborhood. It wasn’t as fun as the usual clubhouse egg hunt, but was still something to get in the Easter mood. After the parade, we went back to the house and colored some Easter eggs to try and lure the bunny to our house. The plan worked! On Easter morning we woke up to a welcome surprise. Somehow the Easter Bunny snuck in our basement and hid a bunch of money-eggs and Easter baskets full of goodies for the kids. Carter came out on top of the hunt with $5.37 worth of change to add to his piggy bank.


Easter 2017

Carter and Emery found so many eggs filled with candy on Easter weekend, that we’re on a sugar lock down for the rest of the month. I think there was a hole in the Easter Bunny’s candy bag because wherever we went there was a ton of candy. Both Grandparents houses, church, and of course our house too. As expected, the kids enjoyed time with all their relatives!

Spring Break 2017

No beaches, no flying, no packing… just a good ol stay-cation.

Carter was busy, he hung out with his good buddy Charlotte for couple days. They went to the Children’s Museum and Naperville Yard. He also spent a couple of days at The Goddard School and went on field trips, including to Philips Park Zoo.

Friday, both Julie and I, took a vacation day to hang out with the kids. We all got to meet the Easter Bunny because he showed up a week early at our local neighborhood toy store. Then we went out for pizza and saw the new movie, Boss Baby. We all agreed, with love, that Emery is the “Boss Baby” in our family.

Emery’s friend at school got her ears pierced during the week so this prompted Emery to want her ears pierced right away! Saturday we took her to get them done.She has some super sparkly ears now. Then we rushed to the Metra, took it down a few stops to Downer’s Grove to have lunch and play at a park. This was Emery’s first official train ride!

Happy Easter

We journeyed to Davenport for Easter this year. Right after we arrived, we dropped the kids off at my parents and Julie and I went up to Iowa City to watch Lexi and Addi in a volleyball tournament. We must have brought them luck because they ended up winning 1st!

Luckily the Easter Bunny even travels to Iowa. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very nice so he hid all the Eggs around the house instead of the yard. That said, none of the kids seemed to mind a bit!


Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny was very kind to us this year. He hid eggs in four different spots for us! My Sister’s house, both grandma and grandpa’s houses, and of course our house.

Although it technically wasn’t Emery’s first Easter, it was the first one where she knew what was happening. She loved carrying around her Easter basket and even put a few eggs in it.




Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a great Easter! Ours was awesome. This was the first extended road trip with Emery and it went without a hitch. We planned one stop on the way to Davenport at Grandma and Gramdpa Stublers in LaSalle-Peru to feed Emery. Other than that, she slept the entire way, Carter watched movies, and Ali was nestled between the two car seats. At both grandparents houses, the Easter Bunny left us some goodies. Carter got a few new Lego sets, a pocket full of change, and a basket full of candy. Emery came away with some cute baby toys and clothes.

The excitement of the day on Saturday was the Egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma Wassmers and playing with the cousins! That bunny left so many eggs that the kids bags were over flowing.

On Sunday, the best part for Carter was when Grandpa Stubler took him bowling for some private lessons. Grandpa showed him how to line the dot on the ball with the middle line on the lane and PUSH. No 300 game, but a 55 ain’t bad for a 3 year old. Carter has his eye on his very own Mickey Mouse bowling ball.





Early Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came a little early this year to the Ashbury Subdivision. Emery did good this year sitting on his lap, but I’m sure by next year she’ll be a screaming terror. Most kids are usually afraid of the bunny for the first few years, and by then she will actually know what is going on. Before the bunny left he put a bunch of eggs in the field, so Carter got some practice in. He had so much fun running around and filling up his basket. When we got home he checked out his candy and stickers that were in the eggs! Him and mom then colored eggs at home with a new technique this year – roller brushes!




Happy Easter

This year went much better than last year. Carter wasn’t screaming bloody murder when we went and saw the easter bunny at the mall during the week. He was all smiles and we ended up with a great photo. It was pretty funny though to watch all the other screaming kids. The other amazing thing was that the bunny didn’t look creepy like the one last year.

Saturday our association did an easter egg hunt at the club house. Carter got to race alongside all his neighborhood friends to get a field full of eggs. Carter for some reason only picked up orange eggs. He hasn’t really expressed orange as a favorite color but after he threw a green egg back it was clear that orange is now the color of choice.

Saturday night Grandma Stubler came up and then Sunday Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer stopped by. Both brought goodies for Carter which he enjoyed thoroughly. Of course Grandma Stubler came with a basket full of Pirates gear: a new jersey, socks, and a mug. I’m guessing there is some sort of sports-ball season starting soon…





Easter 2012

Easter eggs were plentiful last weekend. With all the egg hunts and traveling Julie, Carter and I were completely wiped by Sunday afternoon. As usual we hung out with both families, first in Davenport and then in Lasalle/Peru.

Saturday morning the whole Wassmer clan went over to Risen Christ Luthern Church for an easter egg hunt. I was pretty skeptical that Carter would figure out the concept of “the hunt,” but he did awesome! They said “go” and he went right over to an egg and put it in his little bunny shaped bucket. He quickly filled up the bucket which left Julie and I scrambling to find somewhere to stuff eggs.

After the hunt, we were off to Home Depot to do a kids workshop which was intended to delay the kids while the Easter Bunny hid some more eggs at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. When we got back to the house the back yard was full of eggs. Just like at the church, Carter did great. He ran from egg to egg stuffing them into a bag (much larger bag this time). It was a big morning, he had a blast.

Saturday afternoon Julie, Carter, Ali and I stuffed back into the car and went off for Grandpa and Grandma Stubler’s house. The rest of the day was busy with door knob replacements, dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, and Gigi, then comedy at Grandpa’s bowling alley. Sunday some of the Pyszka clan and Aunt Anna’s came over for a family lunch to celebrate Easter and old-man Jason turning 32. Speaking of Uncle Jason, Carter got to try on one of his suits from 30 years ago. It looked just like the suit from dumb and dumber. Polyester is back baby!

Here are some pics:

Early Easter Bunny Fright

Saturday we spent the morning with the Clark’s (@bradclark,@lillyszpakclark and Ella). We visited Monkey Business, which is an indoor play area for kids Carters age. The place is not very big but sure kept Ella and Carter busy enough so I could slam down a morning mocha.

After play time, we went to Bass Pro Shop to visit the possessed Easter Bunny. Seriously, this bunny looked like he came right out of a low budget horror film from the 70’s. Carter even thought he was scary!

Sunday was a little less fun, but still busy. We decided to finish the laundry tile job which included me cutting individual 1″ tiles with a wet saw. If you have ever used a wet saw you know that it is not a precision machine that makes cutting small 1″ tiles very easy. I thankfully came out of it with all fingers attached and the tiles look great. Carter even pitched in and helped shuttle tiles between Julie and I.

Pictures below:

Easter 2011

It was a pretty standard Easter this year, just with a little more baggage. I guess Carter isn’t really baggage, he is more like passenger that just brings a ton of baggage. He not only brings baggage somewhere, but he also brings a ton MORE baggage back home. This time we ended up with a few extra toys and a noisy rocket ship that he can ride.

We did the normal route and went to both the Wassmer’s and Stubler’s house for a meal. Each meal comes with some Easter eggs and a hunt to find them. The Easter bunny at Grandma Wassmer’s house always hides eggs everywhere for the young kids, while the Easter egg hunt is a little easier at Grandma Stubler’s house because usual the eggs are waiting on the kitchen island for everyone. I have a feeling next year the Easter bunny will be hiding eggs at both houses for Carter.