First day of school

Another school year has started! This year, it’s 6th grade for Carter and Emery is off to 2nd grade. Carter moved to middle school so a lot of new things for him to explore and learn…such as changing classes every period, riding a bus to school, and obviously many new people and teachers to meet. Luckily, he has a lot of classes and gets to ride the bus with his best friend Brendan, which makes it even more exciting!  It is kind of sad that with Carter’s move to the new school, the kids will never be in the same school again.  Emery was a little sad about it at first but seems to be doing ok without her big brother on campus. I’m sure they will both have a great school year!


First day of school… again

Here in Naperville, the district has been 100% remote since the beginning of the year. Now that the COVID cases are not as bad as they have been, the kids have the option to go back part-time. Both of the kids were excited to go back so off they go! Emery started back in school last week and Carter started this week. Here are some “first day of school” photos that just happen to be over half of the way through the school year.

First Day of School

We finally made it to the first day of school! The summer of COVID has come to an end and now we hopefully return to some familiar school activities. The kids are pumped and ready to get back to school.

Yesterday we wrapped up some last-minute shopping at Ikea to get their desks set up. Both of the kids picked up a pet plant to watch over and take care of during the school year. Emery was lobbying for a pet fish but we all agreed a plant would be better this year.

This morning we did the standard first-day pictures outside but then it was back inside to start remote learning. It took a while to get both of them logged in but the internet and zoom seem to be holding up.