Finally some snow!

We finally got some snow, but too bad it was so blistering cold! Emery only lasted a few minutes and then we took her back to the car to keep warm. She had on the same snowsuit that Carter did a couple years ago, don’t they look like twins? Carter stayed out for a few runs and even got enough courage to go down all by himself this year. He had a blast as you can see from his ginormous smile in the video below.



Finally! Snow!

I was starting to get concerned there would be no snow this year. A storm finally came through and gave us a good 5″ of the good white stuff. Gave me a chance to try out the new/old snow blower and also take Carter for his first time sledding. The sledding went a little better than the snow blowing, but not as good as I expected. Carter was a little more interested in watching the other kids running around like crazy people than sliding down the hill. Julie and I went down the hill 4 or 5 times with Carter. His eyes were big and body was as still as a statue. I couldn’t really figure out if he was happy or scared.