Happy birthday Carter

Carter is now 11 years old! This year it was back to a pretty normal weekend birthday celebration with some familiar activities with friends. Carter had some buddies over for lunch and Mini golf and then played video games all night. Nothing better than unlimited video games on your birthday! The next day Uncle Jason surprised Carter with a trip to get ice cream in his old souped-up Trans Am.

Happy Birthday Carter

Our big man just hit double digits! We’re so happy that Carter got to see some of his friends for his birthday, it was a good relief from the past 3 months of isolation. The weather was awesome so most of the fun happened outside. He had a great time and obviously appreciated all the presents.

Carter the working man

Carter is finally old enough to come and hang out with me for Take Your Child to Work Day at TransUnion. The TU staff did a an awesome job with the event and Carter had a blast. All the kids got a robot to build in the morning and then played games in the afternoon. Top that all off with a cool train ride and now Carter wants to go to work every day.


Let Spring Begin

You know it is spring time when the weekends start to fill with outdoor activities. Soccer started for both Emery and Carter so now we have games every weekend for the near future. Luckily we got a few games in before the freak April snowstorm that came through.

Soccer started which means Boy Scouts is wrapping up for the year. The last big even for the pack is the Rain Gutter Regatta. Carter’s boat didn’t sink so we’ll call it a win.

After this week Carter’s smile looks a bit different. Only a few more baby teeth to go!


Soccer Weekend

Carter, Emery, and I did a test run of our costumes at the trunk or treat at our club house. We didn’t stay long, just enough time to grab a little candy and say hi to friends. Julie wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home and missed all the fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent on soccer. Carter had 2 soccer games and then on Sunday Carter and I went to a chicago Fire soccer game. It was our very first professional soccer game and we had a great time.


Hot Weekend

Even though it was 100+ outside, it did not keep us indoors. Carter kicked off the weekend with a baseball game Saturday morning, followed by his birthday party in the afternoon. On Sunday, Carter and Emery had a blast shooting some rockets off with the Boy Scouts.

Emery on the Ice

We finally got Emery on the ice and of course, she loved it. She was all smiles except for the few times she landed on her butt. Carter was great too! He made it around a bunch of times on his own, before he got tired and used the scooter. Thank goodness for those scooters, they really saved my back.

First Haircut

Last weekend we had a couple big events. We finally decided it was time for Emery to get her very first haircut! It was well overdue and looks really cute, especially with her big girl earrings.

Carter had an end-of-the-year Boy Scout pack meeting where all of the kids move up to the next level. That means Carter is now a Wolf!


Patterson had their annual science fair this week. Carter’s first project was an attempt to grow mold but the mold never came. I think our storage area was a bit too cold. Plan B was to melt ice which turned out to be a fun little project. We were surprised to find that the hot sauce does not melt anything! Carter did such a great job writing everything up and explaining it to the judges.