Ironman Des Moines 70.3

Last weekend I crossed the finish line again at my second 1/2 Ironman in Des Moines. We lucked out because the weather turned out awesome. There was a chance of rain but it was dry and 70F degrees. The great weather and a bit easier course helped me cut almost 30 minutes off my last Ironman in Maddison.  I’m extremely happy with the results and glad to be finished so I can relax for the rest of the summer.

2021 2023
Swim 32:52:00 33:38:00
T1 4:13 3:11
Bike 3:01:29 2:53:16
T2 4:03 4:57
Run 2:32:59 2:11:58
Full Course 6:15:35 5:46:58

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