Happy Mother’s Day

We had a nice relaxing Mother’s Day this weekend. After the kids and I surprised Julie with some awesome gifts, I put in maximum effort to find her the perfect cup of coffee. It included 2 trips to Starbucks and a visit to Panera Bread. Our local Starbucks seems to be having issues making a good cup of coffee lately.

It was a beautiful outside so I was nominated for some yard work. After that fun was over we went for a nice family walk at our favorite park, Knock Knolls.


Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope all you Mothers out there had a great weekend! (I’m really trying to get back on schedule)

Friday I left Julie and Carter at home and went back to the quad cities for some family time. Shelly, Lisa, and I took our mom (and dad) out for dinner and then some drinks at a local bar. Apparently it has been long time since just us 5 have hung out, my mom said it was the first time ever. Maybe we can try to hangout more frequently than every couple decades.

With mom Wassmer don… Julie, Carter and I met up with Jason, Anna, and Julie’s parents at Bramours for a mother’s day buffet. The spread was quite large and pretty delicious.

Thanks mom Wassmer and mom Stubler! Hope you had a great day!

Here are some pictures:

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

Thank you mommy for being the best mom ever! I love it when we play trucks, watch Elmo, play ball on the driveway, read books, and snuggle in bed every morning. I hope you like the spa day daddy and I got you. It will help you release all of that stress you get from work and make playing trucks more fun.

-Carter aka “boo boo doo doo boo boo head”