Happy Thanksgiving

As we have for the past few years, we kicked the Thanksgiving weekend off with the Naperville Turkey Trot. Our 5K crew grew a bit this year, because Grandma and Grandpa Subler, Carter, and Emery did the race with us. Grandpa and Emery teamed up while Grandma ran with our neighbor. Julie, Carter, and I raced together and pulled in Carter’s best/first 5k time!

For lunch, we had a few family members come over to our house and had the usual Thanksgiving spread. This was followed by the usual football watching but surprisingly lacked the usual old-man-nap-taking. To my surprise, everyone successfully beat the tryptophan insomnia.

Happy Thanksgiving

Better late than never… hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Julie and I did our annual Turkey Trot race with a bunch of other crazy people. Running in the morning makes me feel better when I’m stuffing my face full of turkey later in the day. It was especially great because I got my personal record by almost a minute. I did the 5k in 23:33.

We wrapped up the weekend with the Naperville Parade of Lights. Instead of just watching it this year, Carter and I got to walk it with his Cub Scout pack. It was cold but Carter had a blast handing out candy canes.


Happy Thanksgiving

Carter and I started the holiday weekend a day early and went to see The Good Dinosaur. Pixar’s latest creation wasn’t as good as their classics, but it still had a solid story. I’m sure it will make it into our library once it comes out on DVD.

Early the next morning Julie, some of our neighbors and I, all ran the Naperville Turkey Trot. This race has become one of our favorite traditions and we look forward to it each year. Our awesome matching socks gave me a boost, because I got a PR of 24:20!

Place Bib Athlete Name City State Age Gender Finish Time
1058 758 JULIE WASSMER NAPERVILLE 35 F 0:25:43

After the race, it was off to Uncle Jason and Aunt Anna’s house to pack in all the calories we just burned off. We enjoyed the 3 F’s: family, food, and football.

On black friday, like millions of other people, we celebrated capitalism by shopping a bit. Julie and I are not the “crazy” ones that wake up at 4:00 AM but we do try to venture out during normal hours and get some Christmas shopping done.

Sunday was all about the Christmas spirit! We set up the christmas trees, finished putting up the christmas lights outside, and built our gingerbread house. Our house is looking good and fully prepped for Santa. To wrap up the holiday weekend we went downtown to see the Naperville parade of lights which is always a specticle. Forget the floats, Carter and Emery just love getting the candy and of course, seeing Santa Claus himself!




Happy Thanksgiving

Julie and I, with 5000 of our closest Napervillian friends ran the Naperville Turkey Trot. There is nothing like waking up early and freezing your tail off, then heading to Starbucks to warm up after. Its become a tradition for the past few years and we enjoy it more each year. Soon, the kids will be able to run with us, and we look forward to that day. It works out pretty well because we know that all the calories we burned during the run, will immediately get replenished by the Thanksgiving goodies: turkey, stuffing, green rice, etc.

This year Uncle Jason and Aunt Anna hosted, and Stubler clan with aunts and uncles were there.

It was little Emery’s very first turkey day. She too stuffed her face with all the good food and loved all the attention from the family.


Happy Thanksgiving

We had a really nice Thanksgiving weekend.  We started the weekend by walking the Naperville Lions Turkey Trot.  We’ve made this an annual tradition for the past few years.  Typically we run, but this year we took it a little slower!  After the race we stopped at Starbucks, where Carter was able to enjoy his first drink – a kids hot chocolate!  He loved it!

Then, like most of America, we spent time with family. We went to Julie’s brother’s house for a great Thanksgiving meal and hung out with the Stubler/Pyszka side of the family.  We also decorated our Christmas tree and hung lights outside of the house.  Sam the Elf made his debut in a bowl of marshmallows.  He was “taking a bath,” and Carter sure thought it was funny! 

It is hard to believe that by the next Thanksgiving we will have another addition to the family.  By then, she will be almost 1 year old and close to taking her first steps.  Speaking of the baby, we took some time this weekend to put some more finishing touches on the room and started getting all of the clothes organized. As you can see from the picture below the room is turning out to be pretty, pink, and adorable.

We wrapped up the weekend with “bluiding” (Carter speak) a gingerbread house and hanging out with some friends from Carter’s school.  After our weekly swim lesson at Bear Paddle, Carter had an awesome play date with his 2 best friends, Kenny and Charlotte.  They tore through our house like a tornado leaving a trail of toys everywhere. Carter was so excited and proud to show his buddies all of his toys, his room, and the basement.  He picked out a special box of macaroni and cheese for each of them and wrote each of their names on separate boxes.  Yes, we had a lot of macaroni and cheese to eat after we finished Thanksgiving leftovers.

We wrapped up the weekend with the Naperville Lighted Parade.  The weather wasn’t too cold, and Carter scored a sucker and some glow necklaces.  He collected many of them and asked us to save the small ones for his baby sister.  We are fortunate to live in a great city that has so many activities for family’s to do.  Thanksgiving 2013 was a great success!




photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There sure is a lot to be thankful for this year.

I’m thankful that Mythbusters busted the myth that trypophan makes you tired. Now I have a good rebuttal when people get done stuffing their faces and start complaining about how the trypophan is making them tired. It is just the massive amount of calories that is making you tired, not a chemical in the food.

I’m thankful I didn’t wake up at 3 AM to save 2 dollars. Instead my sister and I went out at 9 pm Thanksgiving night to try and get a few deals. The store we were at didn’t have the mad rush like some other places. Why do people go so nuts?

I’m thankful that I have a wife that runs with me. Julie and I didn’t do as well as we were hoping but still had fun running with the other 7000 Turkey Trotters. One of these days we will break that 25:00 mark.

Of course, I am also thankful for family. The entire crew came up again this year to our house. The Stubler and Wassmer clans were both present to eat the massive amount of excellent food and treats Julie cooked up.

Here are some pictures

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations!

I know I’m not the only one out there that consumed WAY too much turkey last weekend. O yes… I could have stopped after the first round, but what good is it having extra holes in your belt if you don’t use them every once in awhile? Of course I went back for more and I know you did too! We were busy busy busy this weekend. Besides the standard family Thanksgiving at our house, we also had a Wassmer family photo shoot and a wedding reception for my sister.

Every year the entire Wassmer family tries to get together to do a family photo shoot. We pull out some extra lamps for light, break out a big sheet for a backdrop and I bring my DSLR camera. Then we spend hours mixing and matching all different combinations of people until the kids are cranky or I run out of batteries. This shoot we ended up taking 312 pictures! By the end the kids were antsy and the adults were stressed. I think we ended up with some pretty good shots though.

The same night as the photo shoot we also celebrated Shelly and Brent’s Birthdays. They are both over the hill! We didn’t have any gag props to hand out or “old geezer” games to play, we only had an ice cream cake to devour. Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, everyone got together to celebrate Shelly and Stephen getting married. They ran away to Bermuda for the ceremony a few weeks ago so we had to help them celebrate some how. My Mom hosted an open house and tons of friends and family came to hang out. We had another large helping of food and cake which only gave me the excuse to loosen my belt even more. Congrats Shelly and Stephen!

There is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

This year, we give thanks for so many things. We are both employed, which is (unfortunately) more than we can say for half of America. We have a nice home with friendly neighbors. We surround ourselves with friends and family that fill our lives with great memories. Most importantly, we have Carter in our lives this year. Words can’t express the happiness he brings to our family and we now feel “complete” with him. Each day we become more thankful and feel so lucky to have him as our son.

This Thanksgiving, Carter tried peas for the first time. Let’s just say that he was simply not a fan. Check out the video.