Ready for the Naperville Triathlon?!?

It’s that time again, Naperville Triathlon time! Last year was the first time I attempted a triathlon and I ended up having a ton of fun. Julie and I trained hard that summer and ended up doing really well. Training this year is a little different, Julie is out of the picture since she has a kid in your belly. Even though she hasn’t been working out with me she has been very supportive. For a graduation present she bought me an awesome road bike. This will definitely help improve my bike time since I used my freaking mountain bike last year. The new bike alone should bring my time down, but hopefully my increased effort in running and my natural (like Micheal Phelps) ability in swimming will get my time down under 1:20.

It all goes down on August 8, 2010 at 7:00 AM.

Here are some pictures from last year:

These are my stats from last year:
NO 835
DIVPL 48/88
SEXPL 463/995

SWIM 6:18
RATE 1:28
T1 3:29

BIKE 46:52
RATE 17.5
RANK 870
T2 1:54

RUN 28:09
RATE 9:05
RANK 801

TIME 1:26:41

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