Spring Break 2023

We escaped the Chicago cold and migrated south to the land of sunshine for spring break. Like most of our previous visits, we spent a lot of time in the pool which is right next to Grandma and Grandpa’s place. We got out of the pool to do a few excursions. The Pirates were still in town so one of the days we caught a spring training game. One morning I had a crazy idea to rent some jet skis. Amazingly everyone was in so we rented 3 jet skis and scooted around Palma Sola Bay.

I was missing my F3 crew so one morning at 4:45 AM I went out and ran with F3 SunCoast. It was extremely nice to be able to run without 3 layers of clothes to keep me warm!


Daddy Daughter Dance

Emery and I got to break out our fancy clothes for a night out on the town. Her Girl Scout troop hosted their annual daddy-daughter dance. The past years were always super fun and this year didn’t disappoint. Emery and I went out to eat with some friends to have some pre-party fun. At the dance, the girls had a bunch of activities they could do but most of the time was spent on the dance floor. I might have made an appearance out there too! Carter and Julie were not going to be outdone so they headed out for a nice dinner and night out too.

Welcome Charly!

After a couple of years since Ali passed away, we finally decided to get another dog. We welcomed Charly into our family 2 weeks ago. Of course, she is a Jack Russel Terrier! We have a soft spot for that furry little face and persistent attitude. She is 6 months old and has a passion for all socks. She will help you find any sock that is left around the house and make sure to let you know if you have them on your feet.

Everyone is loving having a dog around again. It adds a little bit of chaos to the house but is super nice when you need a warm friend on the couch. It is also awesome to have a work-from-home office buddy to keep me company all day.

Happy Bday Emery

Emery turned 9! One thing she really wanted this year was to get her hair colored. I wasn’t too eager because I was thinking it was going to be an obnoxious crazy full head of color. After much negotiation, Julie talked her into doing a peek-a-boo color fade that turned out pretty amazing.

Her passion these days is mostly gymnastics, she loves contorting her body into different shapes and flipping around the house. We are starting to get a good collection of gymnastics equipment in the basement to give her plenty of opportunities to make me cringe in pain. So it made sense that for her party we did it at the Forthill gym. Emery and her friends had a whole room to run around, jump, flip, and bounce.