Happy New Year

Grandpa and Grandma Stubler and helped us wrap up 2018 and bring in the new year. Carter finished his Pikachu and Emery made some desserts. We played a few games and wrapped up the night by watching the ball drop in New York.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It was pretty eventful in Davenport this year, Grandpa Wassmer ended up in the hospital for a couple nights. He’s ok now but gave everyone a bit of a scare. As usual, Ali was chasing so many squirrels she wore herself out. She was soooo tired she actually touched a cat!

At Grandpa and Grandma Stubler’s, we did our usual Christmas bowling and Grandpa let Emery drill her bowling ball. Grandpa measured her hand and then let her pull down the drill press. Bits of plastic were flying everywhere.

Dance Recital

This past weekend Emery had her annual Goddard holiday dance recital. All of the Goddard dancers got to show off their skills with a mini show. Of course, Emery had a blast and had a big grin the entire time.

Julie and I went to our very first TransUnion holiday party. It was a fun night and glad Julie could meet some of the great people I work with.

Holiday Fun

Last weekend we officially kicked off the holidays. We already had the decorations out and Christmas tree up but it isn’t official until the gingerbread house and advent calendars come out. Carter and Emery did a great job decorating the house and quickly found out that you shouldn’t eat the “candy.” Just because it looks like an M&M, doesn’t mean it is one!

We also had a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Stubler. They came up for their annual Christmas shopping trip and then we all had a nice dinner together.

Only a few more weekends until Santa comes!

Creepy Rudolph

Anyone wondering why I’m the only one in the picture with Rudolph? Emery was NOT about to get within 10 feet of him. She was super excited to meet him until she actually saw him and then decided it was best to run away. He did look pretty creepy but it was mostly just that she still has a thing with costumed characters.

Soccer Weekend

Carter, Emery, and I did a test run of our costumes at the trunk or treat at our club house. We didn’t stay long, just enough time to grab a little candy and say hi to friends. Julie wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home and missed all the fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent on soccer. Carter had 2 soccer games and then on Sunday Carter and I went to a chicago Fire soccer game. It was our very first professional soccer game and we had a great time.


Pixie and Trixie Spend the Week with Emery

Pixie and Trixie Spend the Week with Emery

October 2018


Pixie and Trixie had a great time spending the week with Emery.

On Friday, Pixie and Trixie went out to dinner with Emery and her family.  They went out for pizza at Aurelio’s.  Pixie and Trixie like olives on their pizza, just like Emery.  What is your favorite pizza topping?

Emery’s family had to get some shopping done, so they went to Costco after dinner.  Pixie and Trixie helped fill the shopping cart with all the supplies they needed.  They got things like milk, cheese sticks and granola bars.



On Saturday morning, Emery had a soccer game, so of course, Pixie and Trixie came to watch.

Emery is a good soccer player.  She even scored a goal!  After the game, Pixie and Trixie got to line up with Emery and give the other team a high five!  Emery was in charge of bringing snacks for her friends, so Pixie and Trixie helped pass them out.

When it was time to go to school on Monday, Pixie and Trixie gave Emery a big hug and wished her a good day.

On Tuesday’s, Emery stays home and has “Mommy and Emery Day.”  On these days, they do special things together and have a lot of fun.  The day started off by Pixie and Trixie helping Emery make and EAT her breakfast.  They had dried bananas and oatmeal!

Emery did her homework for the week and painted a pretty picture.

The grand finale of their visit was going to watch Emery at ballet and tap class.  Pixie and Trixie loved watching her dance, and Emery loved having Pixie and Trixie visit.



Disc Golf

Carter and I were having a good time throwing around a frisbee in our front yard so we decided to go out to the Knock Knolls Disc Golf Course. Cater was very skeptical about the whole thing but by hole 2 he was hooked. We made it through hole 6  before the mosquitos chased us away. Next time we’ll have to bring some bug spray.