Carter the working man

Carter is finally old enough to come and hang out with me for Take Your Child to Work Day at TransUnion. The TU staff did a an awesome job with the event and Carter had a blast. All the kids got a robot to build in the morning and then played games in the afternoon. Top that all off with a cool train ride and now Carter wants to go to work every day.


Congrats Grandpa Stubler

Grandpa Stubler received a lifetime achievement award this week at the national bowling convention, in Las Vegas. Julie and the rest of the Stubler gang went with to celebrate.  The award he received was the V.A. Wapensky Award which recognizes an individual whose overall major contribution to the bowling industry involves endless good nature, remarkable business savvy, love for bowling and continual promotion of the game both locally and nationally.


Wassmer family fun

To celebrate my mom’s 30th birthday we did some Wassmer family fun in Davenport for the weekend. My dad spent months converting their old VHS tapes to digital videos so we started the weekend by watching some old home videos. Looking back on days from long ago is quite entertaining. The girl’s tall bangs and my baggy pants were just cracking me up. Saturday’s activities included the Bustout Escape Room in Davenport, dinner in LeClaire, and then a fire and smores at the house.


Kite Fest

Carter, Emery, and I joined the Cub Scouts and went to the Naperville Kite Fest. The weather couldn’t have been better and, as usual, there were a bunch of people out there flying all sorts of crazy kites. Emery’s Spiderman kite didn’t hold up very well but Carter’s did great.

On Sunday I did a 1.2 mile swim in Lake Zurich.  The water was 70 degrees which was perfect for a long swim. I got to try out my new wetsuit and crushed my last year’s time.


Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off the holiday weekend by helping our Cub Scouts Pack put flags on fallen soldiers graves. There were a bunch of different groups that all did different sections of the graveyard. It was great to be out there celebrating all the contributions of our military.

Luckily we got some good patio time with friends before the big storm. On Memorial Day a huge stormed ripped through Ashbury. There were enormous amounts of rain, wind, and hail that left a huge mess. We have a destroyed roof, skylights, and some siding. I never thought I would have to shovel in June but I had to get it out to move all the debris and hail off of the driveway!

Happy Mother’s Day

Julie, Carter, and Emery spent some time on Mother’s Day spreading kindness to honor Carter’s friend Grace who passed away just a short 3 months ago. To spread some cheer amongst our neighbors, they took a bouquet of pink flowers to all the moms on our street. #thegraceedition

Shortly after that, Emery was running full speed down the driveway and face planted on the concrete. She had a pretty rough first night, but her ouchie is starting to feel a bit better each day.


Caribbean Cruise

For Spring Break this year, we just went on the biggest cruise boat on the planet, the Royal Carribean Symphony of the Seas. It was a 7-night cruise to Roatan, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and the Bahamas with the Stublers and Uncle Jason. We kept busy with the 4 days on land and all the crazy things they had to do on the boat.

At Roatan we hung out on a small island. Carter held a monkey and we spent the day swimming and enjoying the sun.  In Cozumel and Costa Maya we found some nice pools and beaches to enjoy. In the Bahamas, we did a dolphin encounter.

On the boat, there was an endless supply of water slides, pools, shows, laser tag, carousel and so much more. Needless to say the whole family had a great time!


Let Spring Begin

You know it is spring time when the weekends start to fill with outdoor activities. Soccer started for both Emery and Carter so now we have games every weekend for the near future. Luckily we got a few games in before the freak April snowstorm that came through.

Soccer started which means Boy Scouts is wrapping up for the year. The last big even for the pack is the Rain Gutter Regatta. Carter’s boat didn’t sink so we’ll call it a win.

After this week Carter’s smile looks a bit different. Only a few more baby teeth to go!