Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Ali recently. Her health had been declining over the past couple of weeks, however, she ended up passing pretty suddenly. The whole family is sad and will miss her greatly. Ali was such a good dog and we enjoyed having her around for the past 14 years. I’m really glad the kids got to grow up with such a good little pup.

Since she was so old, she did a lot of sleeping and laying around, but like most Jack Russels, she had a lot of energy and never missed a chance to cause trouble. Uncle Jason loved getting her to chase a dot. It didn’t have to be a laser dot, a reflection from a phone or flashlight would be enough to get her going. I never did figure out if it made her mad or she enjoyed chasing it around. Before she lost her hearing she was always there to keep us up all night by getting angry at thunder/lightning storms. Ali would also get into a barking fit at anything that passed in front of our house, especially other dogs. We know Jaxon was waiting for Ali with a tennis ball in his mouth, so we are focused on her reuniting with him and all the time we shared with her.

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