Honor Flight

My dad was finally selected to go on an Honor Flight. He has been on the list for years so he was extremely excited to be selected. This organization flies a plane full of vets and volunteers to Washington DC for the day to visit memorials dedicated to vets. It is free to vets and an amazing way to honor them.

My sisters volunteered to help with the event and went with the group to DC. The volunteers, like my sisters, helped get the buses full of vets in and out of 7 memorials on this 1-day trip. It was a lot of work but still a very cool experience. I passed up on volunteering but still made the trek back to the QC to welcome the vets back at the airport. When they got off the plane, a huge crowd of people welcomed them. The airport terminal was full of police, vets, bands, families, and friends to cheer for them and celebrate their service.

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