First day of school

Another school year has started! This year, it’s 6th grade for Carter and Emery is off to 2nd grade. Carter moved to middle school so a lot of new things for him to explore and learn…such as changing classes every period, riding a bus to school, and obviously many new people and teachers to meet. Luckily, he has a lot of classes and gets to ride the bus with his best friend Brendan, which makes it even more exciting!  It is kind of sad that with Carter’s move to the new school, the kids will never be in the same school again.  Emery was a little sad about it at first but seems to be doing ok without her big brother on campus. I’m sure they will both have a great school year!


Merry Christmas

It was a fun winter break this year. We started the week off with a visit downtown to the Winterfest at Navy Peir. Emery and Carter had a great time doing the bounce houses and looking at all the trees.

Christmas eve we opened presents and then went to Church. The service ended with a flurry of snow coming down from the ceiling. As you can imagine there was a herd of kids rushing to the front to try and catch some flakes. Santa came the next morning and left a whole mess of toys for the kids. Carter got his Lego AT-AT Walker and Emery got a new balance bike. To wrap up the Christmas weekend we did the usual holiday rounds to the family’s houses in Lasalle and Davenport. There was a lot more gift exchanging and eating food.

Santa was good to us this year which was a perfect way to wrap up a great year.