Kite Fest

Carter, Emery, and I joined the Cub Scouts and went to the Naperville Kite Fest. The weather couldn’t have been better and, as usual, there were a bunch of people out there flying all sorts of crazy kites. Emery’s Spiderman kite didn’t hold up very well but Carter’s did great.

On Sunday I did a 1.2 mile swim in Lake Zurich.  The water was 70 degrees which was perfect for a long swim. I got to try out my new wetsuit and crushed my last year’s time.


Weekend Fun

Emery wrapped up her very first soccer season and she finished it in style by scoring her very first goal! She had a great time this year and learned a lot.

The Naperville Kite Fest is turning into an annual tradition for us. The weather was perfect for flying, so there was a ton of people there. We flew ours for a little bit, but ended up just hanging out on a blanket and watching all the crazy kites that were flying around.

Another annual activity we seem to be doing is the Cavalcade of Planes in Bolingbrook. It is fun to get close to a lot of different planes and as a bonus, Carter earned a credit toward his Summertime badge for Cub Scouts.

I did my first open water 1.2 mile swim at the Als Swim in Lake Zurich. I was worried the water was going to be too cold, but it ended up not being bad at all. Minus my small detour in the water, I had great time and was pleased with my time.