Memorial Day Weekend

It was hot 3-day Memorial weekend so of course, we went to the pool. Most of the neighborhood had the same idea so it was pretty packed.

Carter had his last soccer game Saturday morning and the team finished with an undefeated season! It was an awesome season but kind of sad because it is the last time I’ll be coaching Carter. He is off to bigger and better teams so now I get to coach my little princess next season.

Sunday night the four of us went to the Kane County Cougars game. We almost decided to skip it because of the heat but we got lucky and it actually wasn’t that bad. We were in the shade so as long as you didn’t move, the heat was manageable.

We were also going to walk with Carter’s cub scout pack in the Naperville Memorial day parade but it got canceled due to the heat. I’m pretty confident we would have been fine but I can’t imagine being in a marching band in the heat.

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