Early Easter Bunny Fright

Saturday we spent the morning with the Clark’s (@bradclark,@lillyszpakclark and Ella). We visited Monkey Business, which is an indoor play area for kids Carters age. The place is not very big but sure kept Ella and Carter busy enough so I could slam down a morning mocha.

After play time, we went to Bass Pro Shop to visit the possessed Easter Bunny. Seriously, this bunny looked like he came right out of a low budget horror film from the 70’s. Carter even thought he was scary!

Sunday was a little less fun, but still busy. We decided to finish the laundry tile job which included me cutting individual 1″ tiles with a wet saw. If you have ever used a wet saw you know that it is not a precision machine that makes cutting small 1″ tiles very easy. I thankfully came out of it with all fingers attached and the tiles look great. Carter even pitched in and helped shuttle tiles between Julie and I.

Pictures below:

One thought on “Early Easter Bunny Fright

  • April 4, 2012 at 6:26 am

    Check my Facebook page, te bass pro shop Easter bunny looked really creepy! Ella cried when I fought her near him!

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