Easter 2012

Easter eggs were plentiful last weekend. With all the egg hunts and traveling Julie, Carter and I were completely wiped by Sunday afternoon. As usual we hung out with both families, first in Davenport and then in Lasalle/Peru.

Saturday morning the whole Wassmer clan went over to Risen Christ Luthern Church for an easter egg hunt. I was pretty skeptical that Carter would figure out the concept of “the hunt,” but he did awesome! They said “go” and he went right over to an egg and put it in his little bunny shaped bucket. He quickly filled up the bucket which left Julie and I scrambling to find somewhere to stuff eggs.

After the hunt, we were off to Home Depot to do a kids workshop which was intended to delay the kids while the Easter Bunny hid some more eggs at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. When we got back to the house the back yard was full of eggs. Just like at the church, Carter did great. He ran from egg to egg stuffing them into a bag (much larger bag this time). It was a big morning, he had a blast.

Saturday afternoon Julie, Carter, Ali and I stuffed back into the car and went off for Grandpa and Grandma Stubler’s house. The rest of the day was busy with door knob replacements, dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, and Gigi, then comedy at Grandpa’s bowling alley. Sunday some of the Pyszka clan and Aunt Anna’s came over for a family lunch to celebrate Easter and old-man Jason turning 32. Speaking of Uncle Jason, Carter got to try on one of his suits from 30 years ago. It looked just like the suit from dumb and dumber. Polyester is back baby!

Here are some pics:

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