Happy Easter

This year went much better than last year. Carter wasn’t screaming bloody murder when we went and saw the easter bunny at the mall during the week. He was all smiles and we ended up with a great photo. It was pretty funny though to watch all the other screaming kids. The other amazing thing was that the bunny didn’t look creepy like the one last year.

Saturday our association did an easter egg hunt at the club house. Carter got to race alongside all his neighborhood friends to get a field full of eggs. Carter for some reason only picked up orange eggs. He hasn’t really expressed orange as a favorite color but after he threw a green egg back it was clear that orange is now the color of choice.

Saturday night Grandma Stubler came up and then Sunday Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer stopped by. Both brought goodies for Carter which he enjoyed thoroughly. Of course Grandma Stubler came with a basket full of Pirates gear: a new jersey, socks, and a mug. I’m guessing there is some sort of sports-ball season starting soon…





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