Happy St. Patty’s Day

We kicked off this mini-holidy at the Naperville St Patty’s Day Parade. Emery is now fully aware that parade equals CANDY so she was very excited to hold her bag out to collect all the wonderful treats.

The night before the St Patricks Day, Carter set a trap for the Leprechaun but we ended up with just green pee in the toilet. Those Leprechauns are elusive! Even though we were disappointed we didn’t catch anything we still all wore green to school and work.





It was a great St Patty’s Weekend because the Zaerhinger’s came up. Carter loves hanging out with his three Cousins! I’m sure Emery does too but just can’t express it yet. We decided not to do the 5k run this year but did take all the kids to the Naperville St Patrick’s Day Parade. Each kid came home with no less than 1 ton of candy.

On Sunday, we went to the Sky Zone and did some major bouncing on some trampolines. If you never been here before, you must go! It was a blast for the kids but I also had a great time. Everyone was extremely tired after just an hour of jumping around.





Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Carter and I had a great day bonding Saturday morning, because we left the girls at home and went to the Napervile St Patrick’s Day Parade. The firetrucks, police cars, bands, and puppies were all great but the best thing for Carter was the HUGE bag of candy he went home with. It was so heavy he couldn’t even carry it!

Emery met a new friend Henry, who is Julie’s BFF Jenny’s new son. They came for a quick visit while we were at the parade. Hey, where is your green?




St Patty’s Weekend + Cousins Visit

The Wassmer family doesn’t like to relax, so for the weekend immediately after our Disney trip my sister and family came up to hang out. It was St Patty’s day weekend so of course we did the St Patty Day Naperville 5k. Unfortunately I had a bum ankle because I rolled it when I was in Florida but Julie ran her butt off. Julie didn’t get her best but who really runs a St Patty’s day run to get their best time? It is really for the green beer at the end!

It took Carter a couple days to stop talking about his cousins, he loved hanging out with them. They kept him busy in the basement most of the day… running around playing basket ball or piecing together his train. When it was time for bed time all of them took turns reading Carter a book, what good readers they are! I wish they lived closer so they could do it every night.