St Patty’s Weekend + Cousins Visit

The Wassmer family doesn’t like to relax, so for the weekend immediately after our Disney trip my sister and family came up to hang out. It was St Patty’s day weekend so of course we did the St Patty Day Naperville 5k. Unfortunately I had a bum ankle because I rolled it when I was in Florida but Julie ran her butt off. Julie didn’t get her best but who really runs a St Patty’s day run to get their best time? It is really for the green beer at the end!

It took Carter a couple days to stop talking about his cousins, he loved hanging out with them. They kept him busy in the basement most of the day… running around playing basket ball or piecing together his train. When it was time for bed time all of them took turns reading Carter a book, what good readers they are! I wish they lived closer so they could do it every night.





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