Happy Memorial Day

What a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! We did a lot around the house and spent much of the time hanging with our neighborhood friends.

To start, as if painting trim and rehanging blinds on our new windows wasn’t enough fun, I decided to start the weekend off like Paul Bunyan and chop down a tree down in our backyard. I used an ax, and while it was a great stress reducer, I was sure sore the next day. Next time I’ll probably just use a chain saw!

We went to a couple of graduation parties at the neighbors, and also hung out with friends on Sunday. To prepare for the party, Carter and mommy baked some healthy banana and chocolate cupcakes to take for all to share. The kids had a blast at the part, and the parents took turn on duty supervising them on the swing set! Everyone slept well that evening!

We also went to the Naperville Memorial Day Parade. We met up with Carter’s friend from school. It was a really hot day, so while mom and Emery hung in the shade, Carter and I tried to get a closer view toward the front. The disappointment was there was no candy thrown at this parade!

And to top off the weekend of fun, Emery ate her first oatmeal (video below)! At her four month check up the doctor told us to start practicing using the spoon! She seemed to enjoy it, although she didn’t really consume all that much!



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