Halloween Prep

It was a fairly busy last weekend. Friday there was a Halloween party at the Ashbury Clubhouse. It is pretty neat that our association does these events for the kids in the neighborhood. It is nice to see all the neighbors and let the kids do activities. They did a little parade for all the parents, there was dancing, crafts, and of course it wouldn’t be Halloween unless there was treats.

Grandpa and Grandma Wassmer came up Saturday morning and we went to trick-or-treat at Naperville Safety Town. This is a cool little town where kids can go to learn about various saftey topics. They set it up so we could walk around and get candy at each of the mini buildings. Nothing makes kids happier than a bucket full of candy and stickers.

Halloween is always fun for the kids. It also kicks off  the beginning of my weekly raking duties. I’m glad that Carter is at the age where he has fun cleaning leaves in the back yard. Grandpa and him went out and did some “raking” on the patio. I didn’t know this but a shovel works just as good as a rake.

Saturday night Julie and I went to a wedding with the rest of the Stubler clan. It was a nice wedding at the Two Brother’s Roundhouse in Aurora.





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