Halloween 2013

On one of my 20 trips to Chick-fil-a last week, I happen to see a poster for Super Hero’s night. Low budget costumes, a giant cow, and fried chicken… count me in! O yeah, Carter had a blast too. He is still sleeping with his super cow stuffed animal he got that night.

Thursday, Carter’s school had a Halloween parade that Julie and I snuck out of work for. Unfortunately it was raining outside so we were all confined to the inside of his classroom. After the kids did a couple laps around the room they all sat down to do some fun games and crafts.

That night was Naperville Trick-or-treat so of course we were legally bound to collect the neighbors chocolatey goodness. It was more fun this year because Carter got into the halloween spirit a bit more than years past. He couldn’t wait to put on his costume and be Buzz Light Year… with wings. Matter a fact he was so excited when the neighbor friend came over that he went running through the house to get his costume. With an act of freak timing, I opened the door to the basement as he was bolting towards the kitchen and BOOM. Head first right into the door. His poor little head had a bump that swelled up to the size of a golf ball and almost split open. Thankfully after he calmed down we salvaged the night with a bag full of candy.

chickfila super hero



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