Carter at the Zoo

We had a busy labor day weekend this year. Now that Carter is more mobile we had him all over the place. We started the weekend off with our old neighbors from Bolingbrook coming over on Friday. It was good to chat about the old neighborhood and enjoy some pizza and drinks.

Saturday we met up with some friends and went to Phillips Park Zoo, a really small zoo in Aurora, IL. Carter didn’t care about the size, he was just excited to be walking around checking out the animals. The best part about the park wasn’t the zoo it was the playground. Unlike the zoo the playground was huge! It had about 6 different play sets with all sorts of climbing and sliding for all the little monkeys.

Sunday and Monday flew by with not really any major activities. We went shopping for winter clothes, shopped for house decorations, finished some yard work, and played outside in the wonderful weather. Carter really likes swinging on the neighbors swing set and the weather was prime to do it a lot.

Here are some pics from the zoo and park:

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