Carter the working man

Carter is finally old enough to come and hang out with me for Take Your Child to Work Day at TransUnion. The TU staff did a an awesome job with the event and Carter had a blast. All the kids got a robot to build in the morning and then played games in the afternoon. Top that all off with a cool train ride and now Carter wants to go to work every day.


Bye-bye Comcast

Almost to the exact day, 10 years ago (certificate below), I started my career at Comcast. It has been an awesome 10 years working with a great group of people. I learned so much about the telecommunications industry and got my first opportunity to lead a team. After much thought, I decided to take an opportunity at another company.

This week I started a new chapter in my life at TransUnion in downtown Chicago. After 10 years I didn’t remember how much new-job/new-company things there are to learn. I am excited to get completely settled in so I can start to really help my team.