Camping and Birthday Parties

We had another full weekend! Saturday morning started with our usual trip to the Farmer’s Marker in Downtown Naperville. After that, Carter and Dad went to t-ball, while Emery and mom went home to prepare for her 6 month photoshoot with LiliBean Photo. Emery did so great and smiled a ton!

As Emery was getting her pictures taken, Carter was getting ready for his neighbor buddy Blake’s superhero birthday party. Happy third Birthday to Blake! later that evening, Carter and dad set up a tent in the back yard and “camped.” Blake came back over and both boys brought their sleeping bags and played in the tent together and had a great time.

Then, it was more pizza and cake for Carter on Sunday. Carter and mom went to Airtastic in Aurora, to celebrate his friend from school Sahana’s, fourth birthday. airtastic We wrapped up the weekend with a trip to the clubhouse for swim and sand castle building. It was a bit chilly and windy, but didn’t stop Carter and mom from jumping right in!


Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations!

I know I’m not the only one out there that consumed WAY too much turkey last weekend. O yes… I could have stopped after the first round, but what good is it having extra holes in your belt if you don’t use them every once in awhile? Of course I went back for more and I know you did too! We were busy busy busy this weekend. Besides the standard family Thanksgiving at our house, we also had a Wassmer family photo shoot and a wedding reception for my sister.

Every year the entire Wassmer family tries to get together to do a family photo shoot. We pull out some extra lamps for light, break out a big sheet for a backdrop and I bring my DSLR camera. Then we spend hours mixing and matching all different combinations of people until the kids are cranky or I run out of batteries. This shoot we ended up taking 312 pictures! By the end the kids were antsy and the adults were stressed. I think we ended up with some pretty good shots though.

The same night as the photo shoot we also celebrated Shelly and Brent’s Birthdays. They are both over the hill! We didn’t have any gag props to hand out or “old geezer” games to play, we only had an ice cream cake to devour. Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, everyone got together to celebrate Shelly and Stephen getting married. They ran away to Bermuda for the ceremony a few weeks ago so we had to help them celebrate some how. My Mom hosted an open house and tons of friends and family came to hang out. We had another large helping of food and cake which only gave me the excuse to loosen my belt even more. Congrats Shelly and Stephen!