Ugh, I’m over the hill

Yes, it’s true. I’m over the hill. You obviously know 40 is coming but there is something about these milestone ages that make them a little bit harder. Julie really made the weekend great which made the whole thing fly by (no pun intended).

I intended to lay low and just chill all weekend but then Julie surprised me by inviting a couple of buddies up for the weekend. Julie had a bunch of fun things planned for the day. We started off with some indoor sky diving at iFly, made a brief stop at a brewery, watched the Iowa game at dinner, slung some axes at an ax-throwing place, and then wrapped up the night at a few bars in Naperville. Overall a super awesome surprise for such an old guy like me.

The icing on the cake was wrapping up the weekend with dinner and presents with Julie, Carter, and Emery. The best part of getting older is sharing time with them and seeing the kids grow up.

Daddy can make Carter smile too!

For some reason first thing in the morning Carter just loves life. I don’t know where he got that from, I know it wasn’t from Julie or I. We would rather lay on a bed of spikes with hot wax dripping on us then wake up most mornings. Its not that I hate mornings, I just hate waking up.

Please enjoy this video of me getting Carter to smile. I think the trick is that you just have to suck down an entire balloon of helium.