Does Jaxon want to eat Carter?

When we first came home from the hospital I thought Jaxon would be like McGruff and “take a bite out of Carter.” Although that option isn’t completely off the table, I think Jaxon has some sort of a “big brother” type mentality now. Jaxon continually follows us around as we carry Carter and is no further than 2 feet away when we are feeding Carter. Is he concerned for the baby’s welfare or is he a stalker? Julie votes Jaxon is a stalker, I say he is just a Jack Russel Terrier. JRT’s are curious and persistent animals, that’s why we love and hate them.

Here is a video of Carter and Jaxon… and don’t worry, Carter still has all his limbs.

2 thoughts on “Does Jaxon want to eat Carter?

  • July 26, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Darling movie.

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