The great flood of 2013

What a week last week. Mother nature just opened up the spigot and dumped a lot of water on us. My rain gauge read 8″ but I bet it was at least double that. Thursday morning you couldn’t even get out of our neighborhood because all the roads were flooded over. I know because at 4:00 AM our sump pump went out and I had to run to the local lowes to buy a new one. It was me and a hundred of my closest friends lined up to buy all the sump pumps that lowes had in stock. Luckily I got the last one and then rushed back home to install it.

By then it was too late, we already had about an 1″ of water in the basement. It ruined all of the new flooring we laid just 3 weeks earlier. Luckily none of the stuff was ruined and we ended up just losing the floors. The next day I shed a tear or two as we ripped all the floors out and put it out for the garbage man. Now we wait as the 8 fans and 2 dehumidifiers try to suck the dampness out.




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