Still No Baby

Still no baby! The anticipation is paralyzing, Julie and I just sat around all weekend staring at each other. This morning I decided to look up some stats on how actual birth date relates to predicted birth date. Not surprising, most births happen on week 40 to 41. We’re only on week 40 so statistically we should have the baby this week. Surprisingly the curve is pretty symmetrically. You have 20% chance of having the baby in week 39 and in week 41.

I guess we were just too wrapped up in the due date and should have looked at the statistics more closely.

Before 37 weeks: 4%
37 weeks: 5%
38-39 weeks: 10%
39-40 weeks: 20%
40-41 weeks: 35%
41-42 weeks: 20%
Over 42 weeks: 10%
Calculating Due Dates

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