Weekend activities

I’m really getting behind on my posts, this is from a couple of weekends ago.

My parents came up to spend some good quality time with us, but mostly with the kids. We started by meeting them Saturday morning at the Naperville Farmers Market which was actually the first time we have gone this year. In contrast, we were there almost every weekend for the last couple of years. That night, Julie and I snuck out for a date night downtown Naperville.

Sunday our good friend’s, the Giannani’s celebrated their twin girls first birthday at Pinstripes. I know it is cliche, but these kids grow up so fast.



Naperville Public Safety Day

It was a rainy and cold day this Saturday but that didn’t keep us locked inside. Instead we ventured out into the world and went to the Naperville Public Safety Day. The rain and cold did not stop all of the activities. The Naperville Police and Fire departments had a plethora of safety vehicles out for display and also put on 2 demonstrations for the kids. One was a car accident and the other was a simulated room fire. Carter didn’t really follow the car accident but he really knew what was going on with the burning rooms. When the flames got to be 50 feet high Carter was clinging to my neck like a new born chimp. Even after a stepping back 20 feet Carter was still not comfortable with all the heat, fire, and smoke.