Disaster House

While we were out of town at Disney our dishwasher decided to dump some water on our wood floors. It really hasn’t been the best few months for us when it comes to water. If you haven’t guessed already the wood floors sucked the water right up and started to buckle. That is how we ended up in a disaster house the past couple weeks.

While the floors in the other rooms were getting sanded and stained, the three of us and all our furniture were limited to two rooms of the house. The limited space wasn’t bad alone but the stain smell and dust just puts the whole annoying situation over the top. Luckily we made it through the main area resurfacing and now with the contractors finishing up the kitchen everything is coming together nicely. One more coak of polyurethane and then we can get everything back to normal. The only other gap is the missing spindles on our main staircase. It kind of makes me feel like a dare devil every time I go up and down the stairs. If it wasn’t for Carter I would say just leave them out!