Summer is sooooo close

It is the last week of school so Patterson had the annual Field day which consists of a ton of outdoor games that the kids rotate through. I volunteered to help so got to spend a couple of hours with the kids helping them close out the school year. Carter is not just closing out the school year, he is also closing out his time at Patterson! Next year he will be off to Crone to start middle school.

That night Emery had her first softball game. It’s fun to see all the girls learn how to play the game, whenever someone gets the ball there is a brief state of shock while their little minds try to quickly figure out where to throw it. Emery’s whole team seems to be hitting the ball really well, she cranked out 2 out of 2 hits.

To add to all the excitement of the night, right before the game Emery lost a front tooth!


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