Thanksgiving 2020

Like the rest of the year, Turkey day in 2020 was not normal. This is the first year in a long time that we have not done the Naperville Turkey trot but we still got a good workout in. We all did an awesome live family turkey-burn on Peloton. We broke out everybody’s floor mats and muscled through all the cardio they threw our way.

The one thing that was normal was the magical appearance of our elf, Sam. Like every other year, he flew down from the North Pole to start his watch of the family behaviors. He was not a good elf this year because he was hanging out in big groups of elves and came down with COVID! He now, unfortunately, has to be quarantined in a jar in our living room for the next 2 weeks!

Even though we were home we connected with the family with a video call to grandma and grandpa Stubler and then met up with the Wassmer family on zoom. I set up a screen share so the entire family could play a few different trivia games from the Jackbox 7 game. Everyone can log in via their phone to answer questions or draw crazy pictures which is a pretty fun way to pass the time. After we did a few rounds of games we did the most important tradition… the food. Julie put together an awesome mini-thanksgiving meal to fill our bellies to finish off the day.

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